07 November 2012

Run for something

Some people run for a charity, some people run for a cause, some people will drive across three states to run/play in the mud.  

I am signed up for a local runner's newsletter that will post upcoming events, activities.  This one popped up in my in box earlier this week.   

If I wasn't doing the 1/2 marathon a few weeks beforehand, I might consider the drive north to taste this one.  


Rock Chef said...

I hope they give out free hot choc after the race!

And what sort of strange people would drive for miles to play on mud? :-)

ShadowRun300 said...

We have a run for doughnuts around here. I wouldn't drive 5 miles to run in that one, but I could be talked into driving down to Dallas for a hot chocolate run. I've talked myself into stranger things before. ;)
67 days? I'm excited for you! Share your bits of running wisdom occasionally. I could use 'em.

meleah rebeccah said...

What a cool race!

Abby said...

Run for Chocolate?! Oh those organizers know how to pack a race!

There's a local one coming up for black friday. Sort of a run for breakfast. I'm thinking....

67 days! You should make one of those chains like the kids do for Christmas - snip off a link each day.

terri said...

I would run for chocolate. Leave me a trail of M&Ms and I'm sure I could go for miles and miles! :-)