07 July 2012

More trailer stuff

I started out writing my last post to give you a "brief" update on my trailer and the darned thing turned in to a short story.  I want to wrap up this thread with a few more pictures and some more history before moving on to something more interesting.  SR300 has given me an idea for a few new posts. 

Going back across town today and try to finish up my repair job.  Ordered new tires for the trailer last week and they hit town yesterday.  The old tires were not bad, but I felt that, since I was starting out fresh, I would put new tread on her so that eliminates one potential road problem.  I am working on the power converter as well today and hope to finish up these chores by tomorrow so I can take it to the storage yard.  The shop where it is sitting is my brother's new trophy.  It is a small workshop/yard in an old residential neighborhood near his house.  He just bought this place last month and has been doing some of the same upgrades as I have been doing with my trailer.  New paint, replaced lights, painted floor, air compressor, etc.  My brother has several older cars and trailers he has collected over the years and has had them stored in various places around town.  This new shop gives him one spot for all his toys and a place to work on the old cars (instead of his garage).      

1950 Airstream Globetrotter (nicknamed "Old Bob")

1963 Airstream Bambi 

A few toys

1936 Ford Cabriolet - a work in progress
Even comes with it's own yard dog 
My parents finished up their rally on Wednesday and are headed east.  They will be out of pocket until the fall visiting with friends and touring the east coast.  Right now they are camped out in 108 degree weather just west of St Louis (St Charles).  Later this month they are supposed to hook up with my brother to take a boat trip down the Erie Canal in upstate New York.  At 89 years young, I am still amazed that they have the energy and stamina to do this each year.  I firmly believe that all this activity is the reason they are in good shape/health when many of their older friends and family members are in nursing homes.  It reminds me of the Tim Robbins quote from the movie Shawshank Redemption:  "Get busy living or get busy dying."     

My parent's rig and the Bambi 
Unfortunately, I won't be able to road test our new trailer for a couple of weeks.  I am off to Phoenix next week for another supplier trip and heading north to Minnesota the week after.  Lots of things to do between now and the wedding in August.  First road trip will probably be to one of our football games.  

And speaking of wedding plans, those are starting to come together.  Flowers have been orders, invitations sent, DJ booked, reserved a restaurant for the rehearsal dinner, booked a room for the happy couple, kids are registered.  Only 6 weeks to go...


ShadowRun300 said...

Your parents are so close to me! We've been to St. Charles many times - love it! And yes, it's been over 100 degrees for 2 weeks now, but the rain's a-comin...
I'm kinda partial to the Airstream Bambi! Too cute!
I bet it's difficult to wait a few weeks to test drive your trailer. Hopefully it'll go fast with all your travels.
6 weeks til the wedding? How exciting! It'll be here before you know it!

Abby said...

That Bambi looks great, and she's older than me! That's quite the Man Cave, too. You've got a lot going on, stay cool.

terri said...

Every man should have his own place to store toys and tools and to just get away from home for a while. Your brother's a lucky guy.

Sounds like things are really coming together with the trailer and you'll be ready for a good trip soon!