13 July 2012

108 and holding

Sorry about the lack of posts.  I was off the grid this week in Phoenix on another one of my supplier junkets.  It was one of those whirlwind trips - an overnight gig in Phoenix while we met up with a supplier.  Only two days in real time but it ate up four days of my week to plan/prep.  We got delayed coming back because of all of the storms/rain in south Texas.  Interesting to note how things have changed over the last 12 months.  Last summer, we were dying down here under a severe drought conditions.  We hadn't seen any real rainfall since Christmas and the yards/trees were dying.  This year it is 180 degrees opposite.  We had some much rain that they declared an end to the drought in the coastal regions.  With so much rain in the last week, there has been some localized flooding in the area.  My folks are out on their annual rally and they indicate it was hot and dry up north and people are looking for any relief in the weather.     I only wish we could send some of our rain northward to friends up north to help their summer.   

While out in Phoenix, we got to "enjoy" some of their warmer weather.  The average temperature in the Phoenix are was hovering around 109 (I was reminded that this was a "dry heat").  We went out to a local bar on Tuesday night around 2000 hours and the temps were still rather sultry (108).  One minor thing was, when we went to visit with our supplier, I left my carry on bag in the car outside.  It was so hot that the mini bottle of mouthwash in my bag expanded like a balloon.  Everything in the bag was cooked.  

Next week, I am on the road to Minnesota.  I can only hope for a wee bit cooler temps up north. 


ShadowRun300 said...

We could definitely use some rain up here, although our grass is so far gone that there's no hope for it anymore this year. The trees and animals would like it though. I'm happy to hear your getting some anyway!
I have to think Minnesota might be a little cooler than Arizona, but this has been such a crazy year weather-wise, that I can't be certain..
Have a safe trip, and check in once in a while if you can!

Abby said...

Phoenix in July. Hmm, did they give you extra hazard pay for that trip? It's hot all over. Our temperatures have actually cooled some and we've gotten some decent rain since fire week. I hope Minnesota is more hospitable! Your poor carry-on.

terri said...

Current temps in the metro area: 89 degrees. This feels warm to us but will probably be a nice break for you!