25 May 2012

Long weekend

Shhhh.  Don't tell anyone.  I snuck in a vacation day today to make it a long 4 day weekend.  No solid plans, just minor chores around the hacienda this weekend.  Probably cook something on the grill, take the children to the dog park, wax the truck, test drive a few more cars, mow the yard, plant some more flora, get fitted for a tux, take the kids out for dinner, catch up on wedding plans.  

Actually, today I am hanging around waiting for the bug guy to come nuke the house.  We usually have him over once a year and that normally keeps the hordes at bay, but in the last 2 weeks I've encountered 5 big 'ol Texas tree roaches inside the house - some dead, some quite alive (3 is my limit before I call in a tactical strike).  Also have a plumber out to fix a leaky shower  faucet.  I'd attempt it myself, but my luck & experience with that kind of plumbing work is not good.  Besides, I've got a home warranty policy that takes care of this for a few bucks, so I'll let the experts deal with it.  

Long weekend ahead.  Monday is Memorial Day.  Lots of people bbq'ing, car sales, mattress sales.  School is about done and summer is about to kick off.  Junior is supposed to be down this weekend with his bride to be.  They have plans to meet with the minister, decide on a DJ, work on invitations.  So far, the wedding tally is going well.  We have the chapel set, minister locked in, reception hall reserved, photographer picked, caterer is lined up, cake place is almost firmed up.  Stephen called me yesterday and told me that he and his best man have been fitted for their tuxes and Rebecca's dad and I need to go to Men's Warehouse to get fitted (another weekend chore).  Looks like is is shaping up to be a full agenda this weekend.  Hope everyone gets off early and can enjoy their weekend!    


Rock Chef said...

Love the way that developed - at the beginning you had 4 days doing very little but by the end it sounds like your feet will hardly touch the ground!

Enjoy anyway!

meleah rebeccah said...

I love your "non" plans for this long weekend. Enjoy your time off, Agg!

Good luck with the bug guy and the plumber. It's always better to have professionals deal with things like that. At least IMHO.

Wow - the wedding plans seem to be really falling into place. Almost everything has been taken care of. Color me, impressed!

ShadowRun300 said...

I've already had my long weekend, so I'll be working this one... But I hope you have as much fun as I did. Spraying for bugs ranks right up there with the American Pickers store, right? :)
The rest of your weekend sounds fun, however. Enjoy!

Abby said...

Sounds like a good busy weekend. Good idea to play hooky on Friday! And what's this "test drive a few more cars?