10 May 2012

Let's get physical!

I passed!  I passed!  It was a good thing that I stayed up all night studying for that urinalysis test.

No, actually it was a good test.  Something different than they had done in the past.  They brought in a group of therapists to do the various questionnaires and take your blood pressure and get your weight.  What was different this time was the strength/flexibility test as well as the body fat analysis.  The strength test was something that reminded me of my old army days – max number of pushups you could do in 1 minute.  I did ok for an old curmudgeon, but I could have done better if I had been working on my upper body strength.  Running does a body good, but not much for the arm strength.  I found it interesting that they used the pushup test as a measure of strength.  The standard Army PT test used to be comprised of running, pushups, sit ups and pull ups.  I could do the running, pushups and sit ups, but I always did lousy on pull ups and bar.  The flexibility test was simply sitting on the ground and pushing a rod to see how well you bend (just like touching your toes).  The body fat analysis machine looked like an electronics scale with a bicycle handle attached.  You stand on barefoot on the pad and hold the handles while it plays some Kenny G and takes your measurements.  The old school way used to be the pinch test with calipers.  Then, of course, they draw blood to run the lab work.  Should know in two weeks if I am going to live.  I still intend to do the full physical with my doc in June, but this will serve as a good baseline for comparison. 

I’ve taken enough of these test to be a bit sarcastic with the technicians when answering questions.  When asked how many fruits and vegetables I eat each day, my response:  Do the limes in a margaritas count?  My other standard answer to the question of fasting when told I can only drink clear liquids – Vodka is a clear liquid. 


ShadowRun300 said...

Hooray! I love hearing the words "I passed my test!" Even from you. :)
A lime is a lime is a lime....
But vodka?? You have a good point, but I have a feeling the doc wouldn't agree.

Rock Chef said...

Well done - I must say that you do seem to be a very fit and generally healthy guy!

Love the replies. Vodka is indeed a clear liquid - add a cherry and you are well away!