12 May 2012

Idle time

One of the nice things about having your offspring out of the house is the weekends become ours again.  5 years back when Stephen left for college, we discovered something wondrous - our weekends were free.  No more football games, no more scout events, no more projects, no more school related activities.  Even in college, there were certain events we participated/attended (weekend football games, etc.).  Now that junior has graduated and off into the working world, our calendar has opened up a bit.  We've been doing a few more unscripted or impromptu things.  Like the rally we went to a few weeks back or the BBQ cook off or the Epilepsy Walk or last weekend's mulch exercise.  

I had a bunch of plans this year, some worked out, some still on the board.  I had hoped to take a road trip on a Saturday or Sunday and head north towards Austin with the dogs.  The spring is one of the best times to cruise the back roads of Texas because that's when the wildflowers explode.  Each year is a bit different, but this year was supposed to be spectacular with all of the recent rains.  Acres of Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush cover the plains and hill country of Texas making for some really outstanding photo ops.  Around springtime, carloads of people descend upon the area between Houston and Austin with the intent to take pictures of their girlfriend, wife, kids, dogs posed against the background of Bluebonnets.  I had intended to to that with the two dogs, but got busy on several weekends and most of the blooms are gone now.  

I wanted to go down to Galveston for their Mardi Gras celebration but never had the time available to make the drive.  

I had intended to go to north Texas to attend Pate (one of the largest swap meets) but junior was coming in town that weekend so that scuttled those plants.  Maybe next year.  Eventually, I intend to take the dogs to the beach just to see what they do with that much sand and water.      

Was hoping to go back to Rummy's Beach Club with the dogs to see if I can teach them to swim.  That's a 1/2 day run I have planned for some day this summer when it is ungodly hot.    

Looks like this year may be the year I finally get off my butt and have a new driveway installed.  

So for this weekend, while shopping for a few last minute gifts for my maternal unit, I took a quick side trip downtown to participate/witness a parade.  This particular parade is going on its 25th year.  It is kind of famous (or at least down here) for its eclectic nature.  Something that defines the different/creative/kooky side of this town.  Houston's not known for its off beat nature as as, say Austin (Keep Austin Weird), but it does have its moments.  So, for something different, I finally made it down to see the 25th Annual Houston Art Car Parade.    

Overall, 280 cars/cycles/scooters/wagons/skaters/mechanical conveyances involved. 

Interesting to see what goes on around here when you have the time....


ShadowRun300 said...

Ok. Where do I begin with my jealousies? One your son is done with college and has a job. Two, you have time for things you enjoy. Three, you live in Texas and the weather there looks great! Four, you were at the Art Car Parade!
I may be jealous, but I still hope that you get to do some of the other activities you had hoped to accomplish. After all, summer is just beginning!

meleah rebeccah said...

Okay seriously, these photos are pretty totes amazeballs. FOR REAL.

terri said...

I don't know that anyone ever has a ton of free time until retirement hits. With all of our kids out of high school now, I thought we were looking at our first free and easy summer. Wrong. There are about 8 grad party invites on the refrigerator. (The rest of Kacey's softball friends are graduating this year!) There are 3 wedding invites - for 3 weekends in a row!

I just need to remind myself that I have MORE free time than I used to. And somewhere down the road, if I'm lucky, I'll have even more. And then I'll be bored.

Love the parade cars!