19 February 2012


I am trying to keep up, but, I swear, sometimes I feel like like I am running in last place and falling behind.

Lord help me, but I am really enjoying the crap out of my new toy (iPhone) to the max.  I can just hear Meleah sitting there going "phffft, duh".  I have been one of those techno geeks who likes the new stuff, but didn't have the money or cojones to buy into the latest trend.  Oh, sure, everyone talks about the smart phones and how they can do so much, but I have been one of those old farts, clinging to my cheap, old school, slider phone that was good for a few things (calls, texting, a few basic pictures).  I mean, what more does a person really need?  

My son got his first iPhone several years back in California.  We were out on a trip to visit with him and on an early Friday morning, he wanted to camp out in line at the Apple store in San Jose California to get the latest version of iPhone.  Since I was an early riser, I agreed to take him to the mall, but we encountered a 6-8 hour wait.  I love my son, but at that point, I told him that I was not burning my vacation so he could wait in line for the latest technological wonder.  We actually when back the next day and waiting for an early opening so he could get the iPhone (2 I think).  Nice little piece of electronic wizardry, if not expensive.  The one nice part of the phone was when we drove up to Sonoma and he used his phone to locate several wineries for us to tour.

He eventually upgraded to the next version and has normally on the leading edge of the technological trend.  I finally broke down and got an iPhone for my bride last year, since she was texting more and needed to upgrade her system.  I, was the lone hold out, keeping with my old Motorola Razor slider phone.  I didn't need all that gadgetry or bells & whistles.  I just needed a phone to call people and occasionally take a picture or perhaps a simple text message.  I have a Blackberry Curve from work that permits me to remain in contact with everyone around the world.  I even used it extensively when in Belgium/London to let everyone know what I was doing 1/2 a world away.  Despite my resistance, I kept feeling the tug to get the latest whiz-bang gadget, even if I was the hold out.  I mean, really, even my dad has a new smart phone that he seeks my advice upon.  Last week, I finally succumbed to the temptation and coughed up the dough to get a new phone.  That is so not my style, typically a penny pinching tightwad.  I finally bought into the hoopla last week and got the latest trendy gadget.  But I will have to admit, it has been cool.  I've been reorganizing my phone book and adding pictures to everyone's listing.  I have been able to view everyone's blog sites while at work and even made comments in one of my many boring meeting.  I have take several stellar pictures and one video.  Tonight, however, was the epitome.  I took a few pictures of a water main leak at my in-laws house including a short video.  I was playing my music while walking the dogs tonight.  I fixed dinner tonight with the iPhone music playing in the background while texting my spouse at the same time.  Not too long ago, I had a CD player running in the background with a few CDs of Jesse Cooke or Sting playing.  I recall years back having to queue up you music, if you were looking for something inspirational.  I used to have a drawer full of CDs and cassette tapes to listen to music.  Now, everything fits on my iPod or iPhone and I can   queue up this new contraption to rotate through all my music while multitasking.  I have to admit that this little nugget is an interesting technological innovation.  
Water main break

My cup runneth over


ShadowRun300 said...

I certainly don't think you're in LAST place. In fact, I'm extremely impressed with how quickly you're figuring out your new gadget. You're quite a few steps ahead of me. I think I mentioned my husband got so frustrated with his new slide phone that he went back to a very basic flip phone, but I didn't mention that he has an iPad that he has become incredibly attached to, and could easily be an advocate for. He's always showing me what it's capable of doing. I have to admit, it's quite amazing, so I totally understand how you are "enjoying the crap" out of your new toy. :)

Rock Chef said...

One day I might upgrade to a phone that takes photos...

Abby said...

I've got a very basic LG Rumor Touch phone. My older two kids have iPods (iPhones except they can't call anybody with them). I know I could/would have fun with an iPhone, but like you, I'm also a penny pinching tightwad. Such irony.

meleah rebeccah said...

YAY! Welcome to the good side. I puffy-heart my iPhone and all of it's amazing capabilities!

terri said...

I got the iPhone recently due to a requirement from my employer to have a smart phone so I could be accessible while away from work. (*&!!) I normally love gadgets and technology, but I have to say, I'm just not enamored with my smart phone the way most are.

I DO love that I can pull up Pandora radio on it. Also LOVE the Words with Friends app.