04 February 2012

Planning ahead

It's been a long week.  The weather has been sloppy of late.  We still don't see anything that remotely resembles winter.  Temps in the high 60s, low 70s and has been raining for a few days.  It is supposed to turn colder this weekend, but we haven't really had any winter down here at all this year.  Many of the trees have already started to bud out and the Bradford Pear a few blocks over is in full bloom.  It has exploded with color and looks like a Dogwood.  It's too early and I am afraid that winter is still waiting around the corner and we are due a hard cold snap that will really mess up the trees/plants.  Even my yard has started turning greener and is full of weeds.  If this keeps up, I will have to start my fertilizer schedule a month earlier than planned.   

Speaking of plans, Stephen's in town for the weekend.  He's in a wedding today for a high school friend and all of the ensuing prep activities.  They had a rehearsal dinner last night and the ceremony is planned for this afternoon.  It is great to get to spend time with him and FDIL, even if it is only for a short time.  The plans for their upcoming wedding are starting to coalesce.  Tomorrow we are planning to check out a few potential locations for the ceremony.  One is the chapel at our old church, the other is at a plantation that specializes in wedding packages.  Nothing is set in stone, yet, but the train is starting to move forward.  They are planning on an early August wedding and we hope to have a lock on the date shortly.  Since both families and friends are in this area, it will be a local event, not like nephew #1's wedding in Puerto Rico at a seaside resort or nephew #3's wedding in East Texas at a hunting lodge.  I think this one may be a bit more domesticated, but it depends upon what the happy couple wants to to do/see.  My brother and his wife have done three of these already so they are old hands at marrying off their sons.  With only one offspring, this is our first and only time down this path and it looks to be an interesting year ahead.  I will post progress updates as they occur.     


terri said...

Seems like the entire country is enjoying a milder than usual winter. I hate to say it, but I almost miss having a good snowfall now and then. It brings a little excitement to an otherwise too-dull, too-long season. We don't have plants blooming or anything but there's very little snow. So out of character for February.

Enjoy the wedding planning! There are so many different ways to celebrate these days. "Domesticated" sounds good to me. Some of these events are just too off-the-charts for me.

"Abby" said...

We finally got some snow. As much as I enjoy mild weather in winter, the plants were needing the moisture. Of course, everybody has to remember how to drive in it...

Wedding plans! This will be fun to watch unfold. "Domesticated" - hmmm, no blimps?

ShadowRun300 said...

Winter has definitely been bearable this year, but the mild-ER temperatures have meant thunderstorms and mud instead of beatiful mounds of snow. I felt a twinge of jealousy after hearing about Abby's snow!
Good luck with the wedding plans! What an exciting time for your family. Be sure to keep us apprised!