11 February 2012

Blog dump

Nothing monumental tonight.  Cleaning up my hard drive, paying bills, playing with the dogs, playing catch up on everyone's blogs.  I was posting up a few old pictures/posters I have collected over the last few months that amused me or I found interesting.  I am doing some computer housekeeping while I am waiting for all my music to download (upload) to my new iPhone (yes, Mr Tightwad finally cracked open his wallet and got an iPhone 4S).  Now I have to relearn how to dial a stupid phone.  Let's not even talk about downloading apps or my music.  Here's my first iPhone picture:

Side by side comparison of a Saint Arnolds Elissa IPA and the new Bitter Belgium at the Flying Saucer across from the AT&T store

Of course, there always has to be some dog pictures thrown in.   

Boy, are my dogs tired

And, another reason why dogs are better than cats....  

And, finally, this one's for Abby.  I spotted this at a local brew house chain called BJ's Brewery.  Their seasonal Belgium beer.  I haven't had a chance to sample it, yet, but I am sure it is an excellent batch, if not a bit artsy with some real legs or character to it....



ShadowRun300 said...

Good luck with your new iphone! My husband and I recently went to "tweeners". A 'normal' phone with touch screen and key board. The touch screen drives me crazy sometimes, but I deal with it. My husband couldn't stand his, and is now carrying a basic flip phone.He couldn't be happier.
The cat and dog poster is hilarious! We have one of each, and it is SO true. And your "dogs are tired" quote... genious. Thanks for dumping! :)

terri said...

I was recently "forced" to go to the iPhone by my employer. (I had the choice of any smart phone. Since I already own and use an iPod Touch, the iPhone was the logical choice.) It definitely does more than I ever felt the need to do with a phone.

Love the dog & cat poster. That is SO true! That's the kind of reaction I get when I get up in the morning too. Lucy wants hugs and attention. The cat howls for treats then goes back into hiding for another 24 hours.

Abbey Normal beer? Our friend is really getting famous, isn't she?

"Abby" said...

An iPhone? Aren't you Mr. Metrosexual! I will say that it takes nice photos. The pooch could be a spokesperson for Asics. Love the dog/cat poster - so true!

Those Belgiums know their beer. I'm so flattered they decided to honor me specifically!

meleah rebeccah said...

Awesome photos. And I love my iPhone with my whole heart.