22 January 2012


Bear with me.  One more post about running.  I really appreciate everyone's encouragement.  I finished up with a quasi decent pace time, despite my internal misgivings.  Abby (channeling her inner life coach) pointed out that I am probably my own worst critic when it comes to these things and I should accept the positive.   

Will I do a 5th one?  Probably.  But I still want to change a few things.  I want to run a better pace.  This ain't my first rodeo.  I know the course and I know how to prep.  I should be able to beat my older times.  I need to train more for longer distances.  I need to build my stamina.  Above all, I need to not drink as much water during the course of the run (negative side effects).  

I also really want to enjoy the run more.  I am so focused on beating my old times and doing well, that I tend to zone out on the sideline activities/events.  At times, I will plug into my iPod and ignore all else.  That's a shame, since there is a ton of stuff going on on the sidelines.  I appreciate the massive crowds that cheer the runners on.  My brother and his wife came out at 0800 to root me on around mile 5.  I was so absorbed into my pace/run, I barely acknowledged them.  I don't want to be that kind of runner.  I want to enjoy the run, have fun (and still beat my old times).  Some of my run pictures look like (to me) like I have gas.    

A few more pictures from the race/sidelines just to show it wasn't all pain & sweat... 

Many funny signs along the route

Not quite as stylish as Abby's tights

Uhh, not sure what to say

Saw lots of Golden Retrievers along the route.
This dog has been a regular supporter for the last 7 Marathons

No freakin way

Marathon TuTus?

Yes, these two were running the full Marathon like this

He may be weird, but he did pull down a good time

Extra motivation


"Abby" said...

Oh, I LOVE the pics! Can't decide on a favorite, but the "Worst Parade Ever" had me laughing so hard, Meego looked at me to see if I had finally lost it.

And I think that last paragraph sums it up. It should be fun. I like to think that those elite runners up in the front pack are having the times of their lives.

agg79 said...

Thanks. There were a lot of funny signs along the route (that one made me laugh as well). For those willing to go the full distance (aka 26 miles) some of the side shows got even better - Priests blessing the runners with holy water as they pass or belly dancers along Allen Parkway or getting beer in lieu of Gatorade at mile 22.

meleah rebeccah said...

These photos rock.

I love the "23 weeks ago this seemed like a good idea" shirt.

And the clown runners are funny!

But who the hell runs barefoot? OMFG!

terri said...

I laughed so hard, Mark asked what I was laughing at. This is what did it:

"Making this sign was hard too!"

I think I need to go just watch a race sometime. I haven't ever done that. I have this nagging feeling I want to try running again, but I keep telling myself it's not in me. And then I have this friend who keeps telling me to get off my butt and try it again... Maybe seeing real runners in a real race will help me figure out what's fun about it! :-)

ShadowRun300 said...

I think you're "right on" about all of it.... And thanks for sharing the pictures - definitely hilarious! :)

Rock Chef said...

Love the photos!

I have heard that barefoot running is really good (once you get used to it). I haven't run barefoot since I was a child, though, so what do I know?

Hm, if you want a change of attitude, why don't you go fancy dress next time? I am sure we could think up a great outfit for you between us! Just say the word, I am sure the girls would really get into the spirit of things!