14 January 2012

Begin with the End in Mind

To shamelessly borrow one of Steven Covey's Seven Habits, Begin with the End In Mind.  

By this time tomorrow, it will all be over except for the crying.  No matter what happens tomorrow, no matter how cold or warm it is, no matter how wet or dry it is, no matter what pace I run, no matter what shape I am in, no matter what hurts,  THIS is my objective: 

50 yards to go

The Health Expo was over the top crazy this year.  Lots of neat new toys/gear, lots of goodies to buy, stuff to see.  Got my swag bag (bib, timing chip, shirt, hat) plus some energy junk for the road.  Of course, the gear/clothes/accessories were really neat.  Was tempting but kept my spending in check this year.  A few of the shirts I spotted this year were:
My other motto 
Or Whiskey

So true 
Runner's joke 
Abby, anyone you know?

My new motto:  Run or Rust

For all you running moms out there


shadowrun300 said...

I'll be rootin' you on from way up here in COLD Illinois....after I run my measly 4 miles. Lookin forward to seeing how you do!

agg79 said...

SR300 - Thanks! I just hope to survive the chilly run (but not as cold as you have to deal with).

"Abby" said...

Have fun! Keep that finish in mind! I'm looking forward to your post-race report.

terri said...

Love the shirts! I'm coming in late on this post, so it's over by now. Hope you did well!