29 January 2012

Dogs, couches and such

Ever have one of those days/weeks where you cannot collect your thoughts?  I have had several great award winning ideas (in my mind) for blog themes, but they never seem to make it to print.  

This week, I've been all over the road.  From old cars to job interviews to wedding plans to car show to furniture shopping to the Super Bowl to dog parks, I've pondered them all. 
  • I have an old theme in the back of my mind I've been considering about my wheels.  Cars I've owned/driven/worked upon since I got my license.  I have something in the works, but I want to find some more pictures of my older wheels that I can share.  Something for the doldrums of February, perhaps.  
  • Job interviews - I've done a few over the last few months trying to hire a new buyer.  We found one that will start in three weeks and I am looking forward to training a new buyer into our system/way of life.    
  • Wedding plans - I mentioned that my son is tying the knot this year.  They are planning for an August wedding, but they don't have an exact date.  We are hoping to have something in stone by next month, but that not locked down, yet.  Whenever the date, it will make for an interesting summer. 
  • There was the car show in town this weekend.  Had plans to attend and ogle the new cars and demos, but we lost track of time and did not make the show.  It is always interesting to attend this show to see the latest offerings from various companies.  A new set of wheels is definitely in the works this year, but we are not yet sure of which brand/model.  Stephen's car is the oldest (18 years) but momma's will probably be replaced first.  The land barge (mine) is the work horse and we don't yet have it on the schedule to replace.  No matter what we pick, it will be an expensive proposition.  
  • And the Super Bowl is next Sunday.  Lots of hoopla this week in build up of the game.  For us? We are not all that interested in the game since our team is not participating, but the super bowl hype is already starting this week.  Not sure which will draw more attention. Super Bowl XLVI or the commercials that are shown in the break times.  I've already seen a lot of the commercials on line, so it will be interesting to see what changes they make.  
  • Took the two mutts to the dog park on Saturday.  We're now into that empty nest syndrome without kids to shepherd around town for various games/activities and we have our own agenda.  Somehow, with two very needy Goldens, we have inherited all of their energy and attention and we have a new set of "activities" to handle.  Since my two mutts are housebound for most of the week, I try to take them to the dog park at least once a week.  They have an absolute blast there.  Grayson spends his time running from one end to the other and laying in whatever mud puddle he finds as well as the pond.  If there are any doggie conflicts, he has to be a part of it.  Claire is still the official greeter, licking every person in the dog park.  Both had a blast at the park Saturday.  I always love the park - we see the same groups/peoples at different times.  There is a certain clique at dog parks, if you watch for it.  
  • Furniture shopping - my bride has us on a mission.  She wants a new couch for the living room.  We haven't had a formal couch in there since the last one was bequeathed to my son for college. Now she wants something to fill the empty space.  I am more of a minimalist and prefer the simpler design, but my opinion doesn't matter here.  Spent a good portion of my day in the furniture store looking at expensive possibilities.  Like RC, a new sofa is inevitable, it just depends upon what momma likes.  Now we just have to pick out something that wont's clash with Golden Retriever.  


terri said...

I've had weeks like that!

You've got a lot in the works right now! No wonder it's been hard to settle on one specific thought.

It must be furniture buying time. The RC family, now you guys. Wish I could replace what's in my family room, but we need to look at beds. Mark and I need a new one. Ours will probably move to what will be the new guest bedroom. Jake will probably get a new one too since he's not going anywhere soon.

Love the sign at the end of your post. I'm quite sure my dog feels that way about me! :-)

Rock Chef said...

Good luck with the sofa hunt! We are loving ours.

I am sure that sign is true, especially when you are on the way to the dog park.

And yes, I see those little groups when I take our dogs out too.

meleah rebeccah said...

I cannot even begin to tell you how many blogpost ideas I've had that have never been written / published.

And I bet your dogs ARE saying that you're awesome.

I am looking forward to reading your post about your sons wedding this summer. So exciting.

Good luck furniture shopping. And have fun Superbowl.

"Abby" said...

You will have no problem acquiring a proper sofa because, as you put it, "but my opinion doesn't matter here..."

I don't really have a fave football team. I generally am for whoever is playing against the Patriots, so that gives me a bit of buy-in to the Super bowl this year.

Love the graphic - you know it's true!

ShadowRun300 said...

So I just came from Abby's post and commented to her that I have written so many posts in my mind, but very few make it to print. Then I come here, and you're saying the same thing. Very funny! :)Sometimes there's so much to talk about it's hard to choose, and sometimes nothing seems worthy of posting.
But this was a great way to include lots of ideas.
And I love the dog quote. Our golden retriever doesn't look at me that way, but she most definitely looks at my husband that way. It's very sweet, actually!