18 November 2011

So much to see, so little time

Hold on to your sombreros, muchacos e muchachas, time to shift gears and hit the rails!

Finished up work at the office and they cut us loose for the weekend.  Too late in the day to hop a train downtown for a bite & beer, so I'll have to hit the hotel bar for overpriced beers and something that resembles food.  Will save my culinary explorations for this weekend. 

I sorta feel like I am back in the Army.  I have a narrow 24+ hour pass/window available this weekend, so I am up at the crack of early to hop on one of those high speed European trains that will wisk me from the heart of Brussels and drop me off in the middle of London.  It's supposed to be a two hour ride that will take us through the Chunnel.  Kinda jazzed up right now.  I have never been to London (a 3 hour layover in Heathrow doesn't count) and it's always been on my bucket list.  A chance to tour Merry Olde England and meet up with a longtime blog friend, Rock Chef.  Trying to fit in time to share a beer with RC, swap war stories, trash talk other bloggers, create a general nusance, and still get in some obligatory site seeing.  We plan to meet up outside the gate of Buckingham Palace.  24 hours does not leave me much time so I will have to fleet of feet and flexible (Improvise, Adapt, & Overcome), but it should be a great time.  Bought a new 8 gig SD card  for the camera, so I have lots  of room for pictures.  Will post up pictures of the carnage later. 

My main objective is to meet up with RC.  I hope to have enough time to get hit the other spots (Tower of London, Tower Bridge,  The Eye, Parliament, Soho, Trafalgar Square), but honestly, 24 hours does not give me enough time to get serious.  Still, I will take advantage of what time I have. 

The road goes on forever and the party never ends. 


terri said...

Hope you find time to squeeze in as much as possible in your 24 hours. Can't wait to see photos!

"Abby" said...

Have fun! Say "Hi" to the queen for me!

meleah rebeccah said...

Um… wait…

I'm sorry, but I am TOTALLY distracted by the word: Chunnel. Because it's making me think of a Seinfeld episode!