17 November 2011

Getting my sea legs

Boy, the difference A few good beers can make. 

Caught the local train downtown to explore the area, take a few pictures before it got dark, and find a good place for a cold beer. Got to the town square with enough light for a few shots, found the obligatory tourist spot (Manneken-Pis), and stumbled into the Poechenellekelder for some really good Belgium beer. Not sure if it was the local flavor, the alchohol content, the great atmosphere or the fact I'd been up 24+ hours, but it was a great place to unwind.  Lots of character and things to see.  I wish I had more time than just a few short days to explore more. 

Of course, when in Belgium, what's the first thing that comes to mind?

Top That!

But, if waffles or  beer are not your  thing, you  could always go scope out the local tourist sites...

Mannekin Pis - just across the street from the Poechenellerkelder


"Abby" said...

"Mannekin Pis" - my, what a creative title.

As someone who's never really been anywhere, I look forward to more updates!

meleah rebeccah said...

OMG! Waffles & Beer! What could be better than that?!

terri said...

I see Nutella in the Belgian Waffle picture. Those two things could make me quite happy!

agg79 said...

Abby - Manneken-Pis is exactly what you think it is. With all the historical sites and buildings, that is an interesting cultural icon for the city.

Mel - you know you've reached the top of the food chain when you can get your Waffles & Beer side by side. It is almost like state fair food (except without the rides).

Terri - Good eye. You know they are serious on their Nutella when they are working fromm a gallon size jar.