20 November 2011

Mind the gap

Some expressions stick with you if you hear them enough. 

Whoa. Sunday evening and I find myself sitting in a local hole in the wall (really is a hole in the wall) place in Brussels enjoying some different Belgium beers and trying to rest my dogs from the weekend. I'd like to spend my retirement working throught the myriads of beers over here, but I am only 54 and there is not enough time. Besides, there is that nasty addiction I have called "work".

It's been a whirlwind weekend. Probably due to jet lag or the anticipation of the trip, but I woke up way too early (0300) Saturday to catch the first shuttle to the airport to catch the train downtown to catch the Eurostar to London. Being an engineer and A/R to boot I like to work to a plan and hate when I am late. Besides the train to London left at 0759 and there ain't noway I am missing it. Made the train with plent of time and settled in for the 2 hour ride to London.

But, let's be honest, do you really want to hear about my exploits in London?  No?  

Ok. For those dying to know. I did hook up with the famous Rock Chef for a couple of hours while wandering about London. It was a great trip. Met up with in outside Buckingham Palace which is a whole story itself. Suffice it to say but that is not the place for a quiet, intimate gathering. A mob of tourists is not the best place to meet up with someone. In spite of that, I was able to track down RC in the crowd and we were able to meet right outside the palace.  Rock is great guy.  As funny & interesting just like I had pictured from our conversations on the net.  We hiked up through Green Park and up to Pickadilly Circus to find a good pub so I could satisfy my craving for some British food & beer. We shared some stories, talked about some of our similar interests like books, Star Wars, beer, cars, kids, you  know, guy stuff.  Spent a could  of hours sharing some really good beer and  swapping war stories and talking about certain other bloggers.  Iit was a long trip but I am glad for the chance to meet up with him.  Got a few pictures, but my one regret wasthat I forgot to take a picture of the two of us together.  We parted ways with him heading up into SOHO looking for guitar stuff and me doing the touristy stuff.  I have enough blog fodder for a couple of entries, but will have to save it for later since I am about worn down to a nub and have to go to an audit in the morning.  Look for some more postings over the next few days.

In the meantime, just to prove we actually met up, this one is for you, terri.   

Hmmm.  Braaains.
And here is RC and I enjoying our Brains...

Great trip.


terri said...

Awesome! I'm so psyched that two of my favorite blog buddies had the chance to meet! It never ceases to amaze me the wonderful things that come of blogging.

Brains beer? Very interesting! I gather it was good stuff, since you both enjoyed it.

meleah rebeccah said...

Oh! YAY!

I am so happy the two of you got to meet up, and that you seem to be having a good business trip!

Rock Chef said...

I must say I loved your greeting:

"You look like a guy who owns rabbits!"

I like the photo of me too, so I think I will steal it...

"Abby" said...

I just love these "the day I met a blog friend" posts. I hope to make one myself some day!