01 September 2011

Turning the page

World travelers
Junior's come and gone.  It has been whirlwind week with him from when he arrived back in town from his world tour until he left to go back to Austin in Wednesday.  One day later than he planned, but momma was happy for the extra time.  We got to spend time with my parents for a some Mexican food (in short supply in Europe) and a post birthday celebration.  I even got to spend some valuable windshield time with him mano-a-mano on our trip across town.  I don't like to grill him for details, momma likes to pry on his plans but I was able to get some intel out of him (without resorting to waterboarding).  He is heading back to Austin to start his new job next week right after Labor Day and is excited/nervous to join the workforce.  Nothing confirmed, but I was able to glean some info out of him and I think that the two lovebirds might be planning a June/July event (but don't quote me).  

Terri has an excellent post to her kids about taking the next step.  Given her exceptional writing skills and ability there is no way I could ever hope to match her soliloquy on leaving the nest.  I agree with her comments/thoughts 110%, even though we are on the other side of the fence.  5 years ago, we drove our only son up to college and helped him set up his room/college life.  It doesn't really seem that long ago.  He has changed over the last 5 years.  Grown up.  Found his own personality.  Got an education.  Earned a degree.  Discovered the love of his life.  When he pulled out on Wednesday, it struck me that he was not leaving for school anymore.  He was heading out to start his new career/life.  This has been long in coming and we are ecstatic that he is doing what he wants to do, but there is some kind poignant moment here.  To paraphrase Terri, he opened the door and stepped through it.  Oh sure, he may be back on the weekends and he will always have a warm bed and cold beer here, but in my mind, he has now embarked on his next big adventure.  Something we have been preparing for for a long, long time, but we are still not ready to accept it. 

Just to drive home the point tonight, when I got home to a pair of needy dogs, I found this on my doorstep...

I guess this makes it official


Rock Chef said...

Wow, things do change don't they? My wife keeps telling me that when Number One Son leaves for Uni that will be it, he won't be coming back! I guess she is right!

All the best to your son for the future!

terri said...

It's funny how we KNOW our kids will leave us some day, but we have such an ability to avoid thinking about it too much during the years they are "ours." I guess it's a good sign that we did our best and embraced our roles as parents when their absence leaves a hole in our hearts.

Congratulations to all of you. You done good! Stephen is getting a good start on his own life. I wish him a bright, happy and successful future!

Abby said...

Major milestone! Just one of many.

And now you've got the document to prove it, I imagine the tuition bill is soon to follow...

meleah rebeccah said...

Agg, this made me a little teary-eyed.

My son just started 10th grade today, and I cannot EVEN imagine what it's going to feel like when he's REALLY grown up, and gone, like for good.

Congratulations to all of you. Best wishes to your son & his finance as they start their life together.