30 September 2011

California Dreaming - et al

Yea, I know.  Bubble Gum Alley is/was kinda gross (in a fascinating sort of way).  Just imagine the dedication and effort that went into creating that spot...  Nah.  It's still gross. 

I'll give everyone a 2nd shot at Blaze to see if you can discern anything unique. 

 Paso Robles is a very uniqu town with lots of interesting shops.  Oh, sure, lots craft and clothing stores, but does your town have a pet specialty/bakery store with a dog bone shaped cakes and treates?

I will admit to spoiling my two mutts, but not sure they would appreciate a doggie stroller.  BTW - this was right next to the bubble gum alley. 


meleah rebeccah said...

doggie strollers seem kinda crazy to me!!

terri said...

When my sister lived in Illinois, just south of Chicago, we went shopping in one of the little towns nearby and YES, we went into a specialty store for dogs where they sold doggy biscuits and treats. I couldn't buy any for my dog at the time. She was too allergic to anything but her prescription food and treats.