07 September 2011

Road food

Back out on the road again.  Actually, I have took off last week to burn up some vacation time.  Took my trailer up to College Station over the weekend for the opening game of our football season.  I had to break my vacation time to attend a training session in Austin this week, but I did get to see junior for dinner last night in his new apartment.  He started his new career on Tuesday so he has joined the ranks of taxpaying world.  I dimly recall my first "job" in the Army and how it was the start of my journey into the world. 

From my previous ramblings, one might surmise I travel a bit.  Not as much as others in the company, but it does keep me on the road a number of days.  When traveling, I try to watch what I eat.  Too much fast food, too many hotel breakfasts, too many company lunches, I am stuffed by the time I head home.  I actually run more on the road in the mornings as a pennance to my overindulgence.  I attempt to maintain some sort of discipline, but it is hard to turn down some really exotic offerings.  I have eaten a variety of food and try to sample local foods/restaurants whenever possible. 

That said, I do venture into some interesting venues.  While in College Station for the game, we were planning on cooking dogs & burgers out at the trailers, but, honestly, it was too dad blamed hot & windy.  So we jumped in the land barge and headed 10 miles west of town to the small country town of Snook, Texas.  Not a lot to see in Snook, but they do have a great sausage store (Slovacek) and country restaurant that has some unique specialties.  Got to try some really "healthy food" I have never had before.  Their trademark specialty?  How about:       Chicken Fried Bacon.   

OMG!!!  Heart Attack with Gravy

BTW - I am currently camped out in Austin right next to all the fire activity.  Not close (30 miles east of here), but it is close enough to see the smoke & haze.  Lots of local coverage shows the fires. 


meleah rebeccah said...

Chicken Fried Bacon? WOW. What ever will they think of next!

Please stay SAFE from those fires!

Abby said...

Chicken. Fried. Bacon. Well, chicken's healthy... right?

Rock Chef said...

Looks good to me!

I have been wondering where you were in relation to the fires - stay safe!

terri said...

Chicken fried bacon! If I found a place that offered it on the menu, I would order it in a heartbeat. Might be one of the last heartbeats I have, but it would be worth it!

Rock Chef said...

I couldn't resit it, so I looked up Chicken Fried Bacon - going to try making it some time, maybe at the weekend.

meleah rebeccah said...

psssssssssst - I miss you! Please blog again, soon!