11 August 2011


Stephen blew in last night (and I mean blew in).

The last month has been a flurry of activity for all of us.  Stephen finished up his last required course in early July and got the official notice that he is done.  Kaput.  Finito.  He is now, officially a college graduate.    After all the hoopla and celebration back in May & June, to me, it is kinda anticlimactic.  He pretty much finish up his last class and quietly fades into the sunset.  Been way to hectic down here to ponder this milestone.  One part of his life (and ours) is over and he is now stepping out into the real world on his own.  

But is he all introspective and melancholy?  Noooo.  He is been busy jumping from one project/task into another.  Monday, he and his roommates got the keys to their new apartment and began the process of moving out.  Over 2 days, they transferred everything from their 5 bedroom house to a 3 bedroom apartment (1 guy is not going with them).  Basically two wild days of packing/hauling/loading/moving in 100+ heat.  Unfortunately, I was tied up at work so I could not enjoy that experience with them this year (I did the last two moves).  On top of that minor task, right after he moved his stuff, he jumped in his car and headed south to home to repack for his two week trip to Europe.  As part of his "graduation" gift to himself, he and and girlfriend/fiance are going to fly to Europe and hit the high spots of the EU.  Zurich, Paris, Munich, Rome.  One of those two weeks, 5 country road trips, but on a college student's budget.  He has their plans mapped out to the infinite degree.  Trains, Eurail pass, hotels, hostels, castle tours, even restaurants (gets that a/r planning skill from me).  Shaping up to be a memorable road trip.  I know momma is nervous, but I remind her that back in the stone ages, when we were about their age, we packed up everything and moved to Germany for 5 years and look how we turned out.  And that was before iPhones, iPads, Skype, Starbucks, and WiFi.  I am keeping an eye out for them but feel they will do fine.  Although, I will admit I am a wee bit jealous...

Hitting the trail
And to answer the questions from previous post:
  1. Reliant Dog Show (Claire on the floor)
  2. Vineyards in Malsch, Germany
  3. Casa Grande (Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California)
  4. Store display for one of a myriad of pet stores in San Luis Obispo, CA (yes, they do pamper their pooches out there) 
  5. Old tyme fire engine from a funeral processions in San Luis Obispo (but I do like Abby's idea)
I always keep my camera handy when I travel.  You can always find something interesting to pass along.


Rock Chef said...

Your son sounds like a chip off the old block to me! You have clearly done a good job!

My eldest son is off to Uni next year, but my wife already sees this as being the first step to him leaving home for ever. Personally I suspect that he will be back after Uni - for a while at least...

terri said...

Time starts passing way too quickly after kids leave adolescence, if you ask me. Be proud your son did things right and did them well. He and his fiance deserve this trip to Europe! How exciting for them!

I haven't yet read the previous post, so I'm going to go see what the questions were for those answers you gave here! ;-)

meleah rebeccah said...

"He is now, officially a college graduate"

OH!! HOORAY!! Finally!

And I sincerely hope he and his fiance enjoy every second of their trip to Europe!

Abby said...

I'm jealous too. That's MY two cents.