18 August 2011

So much to eat, so little room

More from the road trip to Deutschland. 

The one thing that I always recalled about our time in Germany was the food was always good.  We tried to eat out as much as we could afford. Local food was fantastic. Our little town of Boeblingen was located south of Stuttgart and we had a slew of family run German restaurants to chose from. We found a great Italian restaurant that became our favorite for New Year's dinner. One Yugoslavian place served some really fantastic spicy dishes. Throw in the local McDonald's (where they serve beer), a few wurst stands and one really lousy Mexican restaurant, you could say we never starved for action over there. 

On my recent foray back to Germany, I set out with a number of agendas/objectives. One was food. It may have been 30 years ago, but I distinctly recall some outstanding meals/food over there. My intent was to revisit some of the dining experiences from the past and I wasn't disappointed.

Jager Schnitzel (first in country meal)

And, of course, it wouldn't be real with a good bier


The real deal - wurst, sauerkraut & a dark bier

Sehr gut
Volksmarch lunch

Volksmarch Breakfast
This doesn't include the fantastic Italian restaurant in Hanau (Sea Bass to die for), of the veal medallions or pork roast.  German food is not for the lite weight, but it is incredibly fresh, tasty and very filling. 


Rock Chef said...

You made me want saurkraut again!

terri said...

I guess I never really knew what German food was (other than the sauerkraut my mom loves to eat) because I never thought it appealed to me. But the food you show here looks GOOD!

The beer (bier) isn't really served warm though, is it?

meleah rebeccah said...

OMG. That food all looks SO good!