21 August 2011

Travel abroad

Just an update on the traveling pair. 

Junior and fiance are having a blast in Europe.  No post cards or pictures yet (much to momma's dismay), but we do get snippets of information as they find a WiFi signal or as he updates his facebook status.  Started out in Zurich, took the train up to Paris where they met up with their friends and  spent several days touring the various sights/spots (Eiffel tower, the Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, Versailles).  Took an overnight train down to Munich and have been touring the local haunts & bier gardens of Munich.  They are enjoying the culture and lifestyle of Europe.  His facebook comment from earlier this week:  got into Munich at 7am and saw a guy enjoying a beer with his breakfast. I guess this is how things roll in Germany.

They took a side trip down to see Neuschwanstein - an incredible castle in alps of southern Germany.  If you have time to see only one castle, Neuschwanstein is it.   This is the story book castle that Walt Disney based his Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland upon. 

A castle fit for an opera
My son, a man of few words, simply commented - awesome.  I would agree.


meleah rebeccah said...

I'm glad Junior & Fiance are having such a wonderful time - from what you can gather from Facebook.

And that castle? WOW!

Abby said...

That IS awesome! - unless you have to clean it.

Sounds like a great trip for them. Friends in Paris??

terri said...

Gotta admit... not much came to mind for me other than "AWESOME" when I saw the photo of that castle. Beautiful, truly.

I'm so glad they're having a good time. I'm sure they'll have lots of photos and stories to share with Mama when they return the the homeland.