02 May 2011

One of the seven sins

OK.  I gotta admit, I've got mixed feelings here. 

On one hand, the tightwad in me is glad to have this at an end. 
On the other hand, it marks a new chapter in my son's life.  
One door is closing while another one opens.  
If Pride is one of the seven deadly sins, I guess I am guilty.

I feel like a Harry Chapin song. 


terri said...

Oh, you have every right to be proud! Congratulations to you and Mrs. Agg and of course, to Stephen!

agg79 said...

Thanks, but he's the one who pulled the load. I'm just the guy who signs the check.

Rock Chef said...

In my book, Pride is the least deadly sin... Escpecially when it is related to our children!

meleah rebeccah said...


You SHOULD be proud.


carol said...

Be proud. Proudly proud! Congratulations, he's got a bright future! Must be because of his good beginnings.