30 May 2011

A new chapter

Happy Memorial Day! 

Hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend and enjoys the day off! 

What did I say in my last post about turning the page? Something boastful about being a proud dad over his graduation? Well, buckle up, Dorothy.  

We got back from Austin last Sunday and been busy with family and work. The week has flown by and the weekend has been a good break from the hectic pace. Since a number of my family could not make the trek to Austin to see Stephen walk, I offered up to have a party next Saturday to invite over the local family. Grill up some steaks and enjoy some cold Shiner Bock. Spend most of yesterday rebuilding my grill. It's my annual chore - replace the burner, clean the grill box, scrub the grating. I always do it around May before the start of summer. Of course, I'm planning on dropping a few brats this afternoon just to break her in.

Yesterday afternoon, while out getting parts for the grill, my son calls me. Remember, he usually never calls me unless there is some sort of car issue or something that will cost $$ or there is some problem that he is seeking my input/wisdom. As I cruised through isles of Wallyworld picking up dog food & treats, he casually mentions that he proposed to his girlfriend last night. Of course, being a bright, level headed girl, she accepted. Those two have been going steady (can you call it that anymore) since High School and they’ve pretty much been dating each other throughout college. Given their travels together over the past 4 years, momma and I had an inkling that they might get hitched one day, but we did not think it would be right after graduation. We were hoping that they would tie the knot, just didn’t expect it this soon. No date, yet, but I am betting it will be sometime next spring. Rebecca is a great kid. Talented, bright, funny. She’s been around with us for many years and I warned her that she knows what she is getting into joining this tribe. 

I may have mentioned last weekend on how we were proud of his achievements.  Now we are just plain giddy, ecstatic, elated, cock-a-hoop over the news.  We were debating having the party next weekend since we already had one in Austin, but this just gives us a whole new reason to celebrate – a college grad and a daughter-in-law.

It's got a nice ring to it


terri said...

That is SO exciting! Congratulations to Stephen and Rebecca. And congratulations to you on gaining a wonderful daughter-in-law.

Rock Chef said...

Excellent news!

This certainly is a new chapter, glad you are enjoying it!

meleah rebeccah said...

OH MY GOOOODNESS!!! Congrats to the both of them! Awwww!!!!

Abby said...

Whoooo! Congratulations!