19 June 2010

Pater familias

It's all your fault.  You started this whole mess almost 65 year ago and look what it led to.  A whole family of crackpots and loony toons.   

I was once asked in a job interview to name one of my heroes.  It may have been a corny answer but without batting an eyelash, I named my father.  He has been a role model for three sons and an extended family of daughter-in-laws and associated grandsons.  He worked hard for many decades but always had time for the family.  In some circles, he could be considered a bit A/R.  He is up early (ala 0500) every morning, walks 2-3 miles before breakfast (even on the road), is a tinkerer (able to fix things), keeps his vehicles in pristine shape, is quick to step in and help anyone.  He retired from work during my last year of college (30 years ago) and he and mom have been out traveling in their trailer ever since (we've accused them of trying to run away).  I consider myself blessed that I can do a lot of things in life and have unlimited opportunities/potential and I owe it all to that guy (and a good portion to you too, mom).

Thanks, Dad.
Happy Father's Day!


Abby said...

Wonderful tribute! He actually sounds a bit like my own dear old dad. Happy Father's Day to you too!

meleah rebeccah said...

Aw!!!! Happy Father's Day!

Rock Chef said...

What a great guy! I think he might be one of my heroes too, now!

terri said...

I have a hankering to watch "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou", thanks to your title.

Your dad sounds like a truly wonderful guy; someone who figured out how to manage all the ins and outs of life and set a good example for his family.

And Happy Belated Fathers' Day to you too!