27 March 2010

One man's junk is another man's treasure

You never know what you see when walking your dog. Especially in the early pre-dawn light.

I will confess. I have been dumpster diving. More than once. I like to find something that a person has lost interest in or found no further use for and tossed on the trash pile. When we lived in Germany in the 80's, they used to have trash day where everyone would put out their big items for pick up and all of the neighbors would pick over the collection to see what they want. We picked up a chair and end table one week.

Anyway, every week, people toss out their garbage/items. When I walk the dog (dogs, when Claire is off restriction) early in the morning, I tend to walk past certain collections to see if there is anything of interest. More than once I have returned home with some trophy. A solid kitchen chair (with junior in Austin), a set of platic storage boxes, several plastic lawn chairs (to replace mine), an off road bicycle, a vacuum cleaner (exact model of our older cleaner - had plans to cannibalize the motor/housing to keep our running). Some treasures have found a place/use, others have kinda wound their way back out into our trash pile. Was going to use the older vacuum as spare parts for ours, but never finished up the deal. I gotta admit, I'm a pack rat at heart. I am always collecting things for future use. Never know when you'll need that special nut or widget for some future problem. Anyway, this morning's score was epic. Was walking Grayson way earlier than I intended this morning (0500 - can we sleep in this morning, boy?) and I spoted the latest score.

What do ya think?


Abby said...

Arriba, Muchacho!! Now you just need a guitar, one of those little jackets, and some tight pants!

I'm a fan of dumpster diving. It's frugal, it's green. My kids have a dumpster desk in their bedroom, I'm proud to admit.

You had me at "off road bike".

Rock Chef said...

You look like Chevy Chase in The Three Amigos!

I love it! It should be your signiture hat this summer!

meleah rebeccah said...

I think that is quite possibly The Greatest Hat and Best Photo EVER!

terri said...

I'm torn between... "DON'T put that hat on your head! Do you know where that's been? The last person to wear it could have had lice! I hope you sanitized that!"

and..."AWESOME hat! It's SO you!"

Rock Chef said...

Terri - ever the sensible one :-)