14 March 2010

Happy Pi Day!

Beautiful weekend. Weather is fantastic. I am trying to spend as much time outside before the temps get hot. Been working on momma's car door, helping my neighbor replacing a back fence. Off to the brother's house to give him a file cabinet I bought from work.

Claire is finishing up her 1st month of HW treatment. 1 month down, 1 month to go and she is doing well. I can tell that she is going to be trouble (just like a red head). She is supposed to not get excited or too agitated, but whenever Grayson gets into hyper mode, she kinda eggs him on. Gray will sometimes start playing with me and Claire wants to join in. She'll start nipping at him and that just winds him up more. I can't wait to see her off restriction. I've already nicknamed them Chaos & Pandemonium.

Trouble? Us?

The prodigal son has not yet returned, but we expect him tomorrow. He is attending the South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin which is a huge music/film/interactive technology festival held every spring in Austin. It started out years ago as a 3 day music festival but has morphed into a week long event for bands and films and technology shows. There are shows/concerts/parties/seminars throughout Austin all week and the place is sold out. Don't confuse this with some sort of grunge or farm aide kind of event. This has become mainstream with tickets to venues running from a few bucks ($100) to a bit more expensive ($500++) to attend all events. Some big name bands play alongside of a lot of indies. Junior should be home tomorrow. Today he is attending the Facebook workshop.

And in deference to all of the geeks out there, Happy Pi Day (3.14). In case you did not catch it last year, our distinguished House of Representatives voted on a nonbinding resolution (H RES 224) last year to officially recognize 3-14 as National Pi Day. Go out and make a circle somewhere!

Hope you moved your clocks forward.


Abby said...

Pi is an amazing constant. I could just cry thinking about it.

"Chaos and Pandemonium" - how appropriate!

terri said...

I barely remembered to spring my clocks ahead and now I find out I've pretty much missed Pi Day.

The dogs are SO cute. I have a feeling they get away with their antics fairly easily.

meleah rebeccah said...

I absolutely LOVE the nicknames Chaos & Pandemonium!

meleah rebeccah said...

Too bad it wasn't National "PIE" day just so I could justify eating half of a blueberry pie this morning!

Rock Chef said...

That is a great photo. They really look like old buddies don't they?