09 August 2015

Psst. C'mere. I gotta deal for you.

H-town.  Ya gotta love this place.  Granted, it doesn't have the majestic peaks and vistas of some places.  No interesting trails like the Incline or historical sites like the Arch, but we do have a beer can house and the Space Center.  And we have our share of interesting people with a talent for turning a profit.  

From localized flooding to irrepressible heat to alligators in your yard, there is always some story or event that really stands out and makes us unique.  From last Tuesday, we had a incident at the local Victoria's Secret shop down in Rice Village.  For those not familiar with Houston, Rice Village is in the hoity-toity district with a bunch of high end stores that tend to cater to people with more discriminating tastes.  Not your normal Target or Walmart crowds.  Anyway, there was a break in at the Victoria's Secret.  Seems that some folk decided to drive a van through the front of the VS storefront and make off with some of the goods.  Speculation is running amok about who would do this nefarious deed and what would be the market for said items.  Yea, right.  I always buy my wife's unmentionables s from a roadside vendor or off of Craigslist.  Oh, wait.  If I am mentioning them here, can they still be considered as "unmentionables"?

That sort of reminds me of one of my old scout stories.  I got a million of them but, to paraphrase the Vegas slogan:  What happens on the trail, stays on the trail.  Well, not so much the trail, but one of many scout stories.  Many, many moons ago, when we were knee-deep in scouts, we did a lot of things to raise money for the troop (keep it clean, folks).  One of our many fund raising ideas was a community garage sale.  Everybody donates items for sale to the troop ans we have one massive yard sale with all proceeds going to the troop.  Was a fun/interesting event.  If you have ever done a garage sale, you know that you can see/sell a lot of interesting things.  And with other people donating stuff, anything is up for sale.  While sorting through all of the incoming donations, Tracy, a friend and one of our scout moms, picked up an interesting thong that was up for sale and noted that:  "Oh, yea, I always get my underwear from garage sales".  That cracked up most of us running the whole sale.  I just have to wonder, exactly what is the market for a van full of hot undies?    


ShadowRun300 said...

Can't say I would buy my unmentionables from a roadside vendor. Or a garage sale. But I imagine there are plenty of people that would....
You have a beer can house?

Abby said...

A thong at a boyscout troop garage sale. Hmmm... what badge does THAT earn??
And why would someone rip off (no pun intended) an underwear shop? Did Victoria Secret HQ contact the Rice Village store? "Houston, we have a problem!" (sorry, couldn't help it)

Riot Kitty said...

That is freaking hilarious. Who robs a lingerie store? Who buys stolen lingerie? Does that make it "hot" lingerie? ;)