15 April 2015

Going to the dogs

First off, thanks for missing me.  Always comforting to hear your friends miss you when you are not around.  I don't want to sound like Sally Fields but it is almost like:  You Like Me!  You REALLY Like Me!!

And, no Abby.  You didn't guilt me into posting.  Well, maybe a little bit.  But I was really working on an update/comeback post.  I guess I just needed that spiritual kick in the butt to get things rolling.

I am busy sending some money to Uncle Sam tonight (yes, I am one of those) and enjoying some good brown water on the side so I thought I would post a few things from the past few weeks just to play catch up.  Between work, doctor appointments, chemo treatments (SIL), car repairs, and yard work, we are trying to keep things from boiling over.  

Lately I am trying to cram about a week's worth of activities into the weekends.  Last weekend was the Art Car parade (pictures to follow), the prior weekend was a dog party and Easter dinner with the family, the weekend prior was my brother's birthday along.  Never a dull moment around here lately.

Two weeks back, we had one of our regular GBGRR organized activities.  GBGRR is an incredible/insane group whose entire focus is to take care of those goofy, slobbery, fur generating, hairballs that invade our homes and steal our hearts.  There was a "Doggy Party on the Plaza" for rescue groups and various companies/services that take care of dogs (grooming, training, vets, dog walking services, etc.).  A lot of dogs, no fights, rescue groups, lots of things to spend $$$ on for your furry children.  There are several rescue groups attending trying to promote adopting and rescue of dogs and ours was one.  There is even a rescue parade where each group gets to parade around the block promoting their cause in various shameless manners (like dressing dogs in capes or a tutu).  This year our group's theme was Home is where your dog is.  Not sure if it was the enthusiasm or the dogs or the people or the house or the turnout, but we won first place.  Some pretty sweet prizes and $$ for the group to donate toward the rescue efforts (paying vet bills, auction prizes, food for rescue families).    

Home is where the dog is

As usual, my two mutts soaked up all of the attention and treats.  Afterwards, my two kids were worn out so I took them over to my brother's garage for some burgers and extra attention from their grandma.     
Mamaw and the kids


Riot Kitty said...

Sweet! I love the dog in a snuggly.

Rock Chef said...

I think Claire won the prize for you, single handed. :-)

Abby said...

Congratulations on first prize! Nice "home" and resident :). And what would a doggie parade be without at least one tutu?

ShadowRun300 said...

Congrats on the big win! I'd say it was due to all of the above.

And yes we missed you! It's great to have you back and posting pics of the "kids".

I understand the craziness though. I have lots of posts started in my mind, but rarely find the time or energy to get it on the page. I'd much rather you all do the work, and I can sit back and enjoy some quality reading. :)

terri said...

Of course you were missed! And of course we like you!

Really though, I know how easy it can be to let blogging slip away. If it wasn't so therapeutic for me, I often think life would just let me fall away from it all together.

The Doggy Party on the Plaza looks like a blast! Your dogs are adorable and clearly know how to attract lots of adoring attention.

Did you actually say you took them to your brother's garage? That's not a garage where your mom is sitting and snuggling with the kids, is it? Really?