25 April 2015

Life's a parade

Still working on catching up.  The past two weeks have been busy trying to close out the fiscal year for the company so there are a ton of things that have to get done by the last day (yesterday).  Last minute projects, orders, reports, etc.  Please don't get me wrong - I not complaining about the chaos.  I've been in places and had jobs that were a lot worse.  Besides, being busy keeps me out of mischief (well, almost).  And to top that, I am headed out on the road again on Monday for another supplier audit.  Heading south of the border for this one.  Certainly will make for an interesting road trip.   

Last weekend was the Art Car Parade.  This is a big annual 5 day street festival where people "decorate" there cars or whatever rolls as "art".  This parade has actually been going on in Houston for 28 years, but I have only started going to in the last 4 years.  Pretty crazy cars/contraptions that roll in the parade.  The past two years, I have gone to the parade and thought I would bring the dogs.  Lots of people/activities with more than a few four legged kids on the sidelines.  The parade rule say to leave pets at home but I decided to blow that off this year and take my two kids.  Turned out to be a great time and, as usual, they got plenty of attention.  Some of the same cars as from last year, a lot of new entries.  Interesting what people do to their rides in the name of art.

Kinda makes my ride look boring.  



Abby said...

Any excuse for a parade and wow! Some real creativity going on there! I'm thinking that one care is owned by a prosthostodontist (that a word?)

terri said...

I think my favorite is the peep-mobile!

Riot Kitty said...

Awesome pics! That must have been so much fun to watch.