12 December 2014

Time for a new van

"Jesus Christ."  - My exact words when I got this picture from my brother as I was driving home this evening.

This is my parent's new (less than 1 year old) van.  The first and foremost thing is that they are ok.   Banged up, bruised, sore, but ok.  The only real hurt that my folks suffered was from the seat belts and airbags deploying.  They were out at a rally up north of town for the weekend and ran into some trouble (dad's words, not mine).  Driving on the freeway north of town that was high congested, a truck stopped right in front of him and he plowed right into it.  I talked with my dad and they were at the hospital getting checked out/x-rays for any other issues.  He sounded ok but a bit rattled.  They were heading back out to their trailer after they get released tonight and planning to pack it in early and head home tomorrow.  A bit hard to grasp the situation right now but the important thing is that they are ok.    

As an Engineer and amateur mechanic, I can surmise from the picture that the van is toast.  The engine is history and I won't even guess how the rest of the drive train is looking.  I take some solace in the sardonic comment my dad and brother said with the picture of the van:  "Time for a new van.  Different color."  At least his sense of humor is still intact.       


Abby said...

OH MY GOSH! That looks awful, but at least when I look at the passenger compartment, it seems in pretty good shape. STILL, not something we want to know our loved ones were in! Ford?
I'm glad their okay if a bit rattled and generally sore, but sheesh!

ShadowRun300 said...

That. Is. SCARY. So glad to hear they're doing okay. Bet they're a little worried about getting on the road again.
Wonder what color they'll go with this time?

Rock Chef said...

Well it is good to see that the vehicle took the brunt of the damage instead of your parents! A new truck can be bought...

Hope it doesn't slow them down, they seem to have such a great life!

Riot Kitty said...

Good God, I am glad they are OK. Wow.