09 December 2014

On the road again

It's been a while since I did a road trip.  Being short two buyers has really put us behind and I haven't had the time to do some of the audits that needed to be done.  Now that I've gotten a few more bodies on board, I am back out on the road again, just in time mess up my holidays.  Last week it was a short hop to California.  Fly out on Thursday and back late Friday.  Was a very late run.  And the rains in California didn't help - had a 3 hour delay in LAX.  We didn't get back into Houston until 2:30 am (forgot how much I hate LAX).  Was after 4:00 am before I hit the sack.  This week I am up in Louisville for a day.  Sitting at the airport now waiting for my flight in 3 hours.  Got here early hoping to catch an earlier flight but the up charge was obscene so I am killing time catching up on blog reading and binge watching House of Cards.  Good thing I have a book to read on the flight.  

I haven't been to Kentucky in years.  Last time I was here, Carter was in office.  Spent a long, cold, wet winter here learning how to drive tanks.  At least my appreciation for some of the local flavor (bourbon) has improved.  

The children are camped out with my parents again.  It will probably take me a week to deprogrammed hem.  Rumor has it that they are getting eggs & bacon for breakfast.  Poor doggies.


lotta joy said...

Ohhhhh, Kentucky: next to Indiana, if I remember correctly. Say "Hi" to the hills for me please.

Riot Kitty said...

LAX really sucks, I feel your pain. Hope Kentucky is better.

ShadowRun300 said...

I feel like Lotta Joy... you were SO close! Next time come up just a little farther and we'll do lunch! Hopefully the weather this time around was a little better than the last time?
Good luck unspoiling those fur kids. At least you know they're in good hands while you're gone.

Abby said...

Hey, I'm in!

I know where Kentucky is on the map because Wolfgang showed me that trick with the guy holding the Kentucky Fried Chicken! Geography is not my strength...

Safe travels! And good luck getting the dogs back home.