23 March 2014

Making progress

Many thanks to everyone for your prayers and thoughts.  It appears somebody was listening and it really helped.  SIL is much improved.  She is making progress everyday and slowly working her way back to normal.  They transferred her over to a recovery/rehab part of the hospital where they are working on getting her strength back.  Still doesn't have much or an appetite yet, but she is up and walking more each day.  We are hoping she will be able to go home in a week or two.  The transfer has given my wife a bit of a break since she hasn't had to be up at the hospital every day.  

Everyone was worried for us, but things worked themselves out.  My parents were debating cancelling the mini-reunion but we told them to go ahead with it because she was stable at the time and there really wasn't much anyone could do for her.  Besides, the beach house was only an hour away if things changed.  Our original plans were to take off from work and spend most of the week down there with the family/dogs.  My wife decided to stay with her sister and insisted I go ahead to the gathering without her.  I reluctantly agreed but maintained a constant line with her in case I needed to be up there.  I did go down for a the weekend but I will admit it wasn't as much fun as I had hoped (felt guilty for not being with her).  

I did spend a few days/nights down at the beach house in Galveston.  One of those three story jobs on stilts right on the beach.  No real agenda.  Just sleep, eat, walk the beach, eat some more, take a nap, read a book, play Mexican Train, fly a kite, walk the beach some more, eat again.  My brother from Seattle and his wife had flown in a week earlier hoping for some warmer weather but it was chilly and rainy for most of the weekend.  The grand kids (my son included) came down for the weekend.  Fish fry on Saturday night with plenty of fish and hush puppies and shrimp and beer.  The great grand kids showed up for a while and were the center of attention.  We flew kites on the beach, collected sea shells, ran the dogs on the beach.  Everyone had a good time but I still felt guilty without momma being there to enjoy it with us.   

Grandma rocking a hoodie
Grayson enjoying the surf

And, NO Abby, that is not what you think it is...

Grayson claimed his spot 

Trying to ride Claire 
Hamming it up for the camera

Can anyone spot the trend in the last three pictures?

Of course, the week had to start out with a little drama (on my part).  Was loading up the dogs into the truck on the way down on Friday.  I was two miles down the road when I realized I didn't have my cell phone.  After a frantic pat down, I turned the land barge around and headed back home.  As I drove up to the house, I spotted said phone lying innocently in the driveway.  Now, I have dropped Siri a few times without any serious issues but this time was a wee bit more traumatic.         

Oh, s%#@$^$%$%#!

Needless to say, I was a bit dramatic over my response.  The phone worked but the screen was completely shot.  Had to taker her to the shop for a day to replace the screen. but she is good as new now.


ShadowRun300 said...

I can understand feeling guilty about leaving Mrs. Agg at home, but if she's anything like me, she was happier being closer to her sister and didn't want to feel guilty about YOU staying home. I'da told my hubby to go as well...
The dogs looked like they were enjoying the get-away. Can't see any trace of guilt on their faces. Nice of them to share the couch with their human friends and family.
Sorry the weather wasn't all that great. Been there, done that. Sounds like you didn't let it stop you from much.
Continued best wishes to your SIL, your wife, and you. (And your phone. Sheesh!)

Abby said...

Sounds (and looks) like all-in-all a nice weekend if not the same without the Mrs. But like SR300 says, in her shoes, I'd have wanted the same thing. Glad the SIL is making progress. The dogs don't look like they're feeling much guilt! Sorry about the phone. I've heard of dropping calls, but yeesh!

And... if it's not what I think it is... what IS it?? 'cause it sure looks like what I think it is.

terri said...

Looks like a beautiful vacation spot and a great place to really relax and enjoy time with family. It's understandable that you felt a bit guilty. It would be impossible for most anyone to really relax and not think about what was going on at home.

So nice of your dogs to let the people have a little bit of space on the couch! :-)