25 March 2014

Beach bums

Good news - SIL was released to go back home today.  Momma went to pick her up at hospital so she could spend the night at home on her couch with her cats.  Must be doing well - got a text that they were swinging by a Starbucks on the way home. 

A few more from last weekend's jaunt to the beach.  Since I decided to shock test my phone, I did not take as many pictures as I normally do (trust me, I take a lot), so I had to rely upon others to take pictures of the event.  Been waiting for my brother (the one with the questionable picture) or dad to forward any shots from the beach house.  The one I am still seeking is of our kite flying day.  I really crushed the competition that day with an awesome kite.  One of those serious nylon jobs - one of those huge nylon kites that was a huge replica of the space shuttle.  Thought it was fitting since Galveston was sorta the home for a good portion of the space program.  Of all the kites we flew, that one stood out.  Too bad I was playing pilot and didn't get any shots. 

And to elaborate on my comment last time referring to my brother, no, that was not some organic substance that is readily available in Colorado and Washington State.  My brother (who incidentally lives in Seattle) was walking down the beach and found some of these pods in the sand.  These are littered all over the dunes and washed up by the ocean.  The look conspicuously like something else ergo the photo op.  His idea, not mine. 

In the meantime, a few more from the beach...

Looking pretty spry for a couple of Nonagenarians.

One of our early beach walks

Most of the tribe (sans Mrs Agg), my brother (taking picture) & two nephews.
Somebody was being camera shy.

And, last but not least, my new screensaver.  Got a new computer over the weekend and I am setting up the programs (real pain in the ass).  I found a new screensaver picture of our children courtesy of Mrs Agg.  Really struck a cord with me.  Keep an eye out for this one - you may see it again.   


Rock Chef said...

Great news about the SIL! Wishes and prayers for the future!

That is a grand beach house! I love proof that things in the movies can be real!

Hm, nice way to cover up that bad habit ;-)

Abby said...

"...found some of these pods in the sand. These are littered all over the dunes and washed up by the ocean". -- That the story for Mom and Dad?

Now I want a vacation at a beach house! I'll even be fine with not winning the kite competition! Cute screensaver pic of the kids.

Sounds like things have turned a corner for the sis-in-law!

ShadowRun300 said...

Starbucks, huh? That's a good sign!
It's rare to see YOU in a pic, since you're usually the one taking the pictures. Great shot of the family! (There's always at least one member of the family who won't cooperate....)

terri said...

So glad to hear that SIL is doing so much better!

The beach is gorgeous. I'm glad you got to enjoy some time there in spite of the worries going on at home.

The kids are adorable. Can't blame you for using that as your screensaver. I hope you've got it framed and on display at home too!