02 October 2013

Wrapping up London

Made the trek back to London on Thursday after my audit.  I would have liked to stay in Wales one more day, but already had reservations and needed to head back.  

Train ride was pretty uneventful except for a delay along the tracks that had us moving at a crawl.  By the time I made it back to Paddington, it was the middle of the rush hour crowd.  Had to fight my way across town on a packed train to find my hotel south of town.  This one wasn't anything fancy or neat like the last two - just your plain old Hampton Inn.  I cashed in some of my travel points and got my stay for a couple of quid.  

Spent my last day in London just hitting the general sights.  Trucked across town to find an old quilt shop for momma to find her something unique (not the typical cheesy souvenirs). Then hiked over to Greenwich to explore the Maritime Museum for an hour or so.  Took the wrong DLR train, lost my Oyster card, stumbled upon a neat local market, had a beer on the Prime Meridian, picked up some cheesy souvenirs for co-workers.  Just a general day in London with no serious objective.  Meant to hit a few more of the museums, but ran short of time.  Maybe next time. 

Finished up late in the day back at the hotel.  I needed to pack up for the trip out to Heathrow.  I planned to get an early start to make sure I made the connections and cleared security in time for my flight.  A very good trip.  Glad to have opportunity to come back over.  Now I need to get ready for my next road trip out west at the end of the month.  

Figureheads from old ships
Cutty Sark
Meantime pub
You never know who you'll see in Trafalgar Square
London Eye


ShadowRun300 said...

Lost your Oyster card? Oh my! (I don't know what that means....)
I know you wish you could have spent more time, but I'm impressed with how much you DID see and do. It's always nice to leave wanting a bit more rather than having had too much.
Another road trip in the works already? I'm a little jealous, I must say. I often think about how nice it would be to travel for my job. Until you mention all the downsides that is...
(Love the figureheads from the old ships. How cool is that?)

agg79 said...

SR - an Oyster card is a pass to the London transportation system. Allows you to ride on any of the tubes or buses or ferries around London. Yea, more trips on the horizon. I like to travel and see new places, but just not this much.

terri said...

Seems like you managed to get quite a bit of sightseeing done on this trip. I really admire your ability to navigate around unfamiliar places with such confidence. I suppose that comes from years of travel experience.

The figureheads... seem a little creepy to me!

meleah rebeccah said...

OMG! Is that Spiderman in Trafalgar Square?!!