09 October 2013

Furry picnic

Where has the week gone?  I have been totally overwhelmed at work and at home since I have been back and haven't been holding up my end of the bargain on postings.  I am finally caught up on my chores but still find myself behind in posting any serious updates. So I guess will have to give you something less meaningful.  

This past weekend was our annual foster group Golden Retriever picnic.  Weather started out iffy with some serious rainstorms, but it cleared out by game time and the weather was picture perfect.  100+ dogs, twice as many people, enough food to feed a battalion, an open park and pond to explore - prime ingredients for all sorts of mayhem and mischief.  Was a fantastic turnout for both two and four footed participants.  Lots of food, lots of playtime, lots of water sports.  Put that many Goldens in one area and you are just asking for trouble.  

What an attention ham?\
Since Claire is over 10 years old, she is considered a "senior" even though she doesn't act like one.  Every year they hold a "Senior Parade" to recognize those of a more senior status in the club.  Claire has been part of that parade for the past few years.  They always ask me for a bio on the dogs to talk to while she walks the parade.  My offering for her this year was:  

Claire started out as a foster but her smile won over the agg79 family and they just couldn't let her go so Grayson got a new playmate to bond with.  Claire is a true Velcro Golden and is a real people dog.  There is not a person she won't lick, nudge, paw, head butt, or roll over for to get their attention.  She really loves belly rubs and knows how to work the crowd.  That silver smile on her face that always seems to win everyone over, young & old.  She has a tongue that goes for miles and is always quick to lick your elbow, hands, face or any other part she can reach.  She loves fig newtons, but will take pretty much any treat that comes her way.   Always fashion conscious, Claire is modeling for us today in a stylish auburn colored coat, with silver trim.  While she is content to lie around the house, she loves her daily walks with Grayson and Jerry.

While we don't know her exact age (a lady never tells) she does fall into the "senior" category.  Claire is a gentle dog who has had a few litters.  But don't let that sugar face and old brown eyes fool you.  She can spot squirrels at 50 yards and is working on trying to catch one.  She loves to wrestle with Grayson and keep him in his place (even when she lets him win).  Their shenanigans around the house have earned them the nicknames of Chaos & Pandemonium.  While still not much of a water dog, Claire will hang out around the old watering hole at the local dog parks.  

I will say that this year's picnic was a total, off the hook success.  Not sure how much money we raised, but there was a ton of participants, we got loads of publicity through the local media, and, most importantly, the dogs had a great time.  My two mutts were so worn out afterwards that they slept for the rest of the day and did not want to eat or go for a walk that evening. Any time I can wear out Grayson is a good time.  


Abby said...

Love these furry picnics! Complete with senior parade. Did Claire do the Homecoming Queen wave?

ShadowRun300 said...

Welcome back to the blog world! I can only imagine how busy you are at work after having been gone so long and preparing to go away again soon.
And what do you mean this isn't a meaningful blog? I LOVE the stories and pics of your pooch outings. And what a great tribute to Claire! So well written! Fig Newtons? Really?

terri said...

The picnic looks like such a great time! I'll bet the dogs are absolutely wired with all that other 4-legged company and hundreds of dog lovers just dying to pet and play with them.

I think it's great that Claire earned a place in the senior parade. Her bio sure must make her feel like one special dog, which she is!

agg79 said...

Abby - yes she did. Her rolled over pose earned her lots of attention from everybody. Many people took pictures of her.

SR - Yes, Fig Newtons. Long story, goes back to my previous dog, Shadow, who was almost addicted to them. Claire loves them while Grayson is just ok with them.

Terri - wired is putting it mildy. They were all over the park playing with the other dogs. I lost Grayson at least 4 times (easy to do in a sea of Goldens) at the picnic. Wore them out. They had so much fun that they slept the rest of the day.

lotta joy said...

I love and adore Joe. So does Beau. But where total passion, glee, and honest heart busting love is concerned, it falls from me, onto Beau, then bounces back and hits me in the heart.

There is nothing as rewarding as being fully aware of how much honesty and worship is in their hearts and eyes.

meleah rebeccah said...

Don't feel bad, Agg! I haven't posted or read blogs in over three weeks. I totally suck!

The Golden Retriever picnic looks like an amazing time! Fabulous photos.