04 September 2013

Staying busy

September has just started and we are already booked until Halloween.  Momma is miffed at me that we didn't make the trip up to see Stephen and Rebecca.  Wants to know when we are going up to Austin.  Given my schedule, that doesn't appear very likely to happen until October.  We are planning to head back to campus this weekend for another non-conference game, so you can expect a few more trailer/dog pictures.  Those football weekends seem to really tax the dogs but they love the road trip and all that attention.  Claire is such an attention hound that I think she would try to greet and lick every single person (currently running around 40,000) at the pre & post game events.  I was supposed have off on Tuesday assuming we were in Austin, but I have traded that day for Friday to head out early for the weekend.  I could get used to these 3-4 day weekends   

In the interim, thought I would post one shot I took of Claire and one of our local tree rats (some folk call them squirrels).  We have a few in the neighborhood and I am no fan.  Had two get into my attic that I had to extricate.  These can be little bastards when it comes to yard wars.  They tend to torment the dogs so, they don't get much sympathy from me.  This one seemed (to me) to be kinda ballsy.    

For an old girl, Claire has some pretty darned good eyes on her.  She's spotted a tree rat 50 yards out and go into that thousand yard stare mode when one shows up in her yard.  I know that the likelihood of her getting one is remote, but she does try.  I figure, one day, the tree rat will be a hair too slow and Claire will get lucky. 

Say hello to my little friend!
Working on the final logistics for my road trip in two weeks.  Flight has been booked, got reservations for the first half of the week and the visit to the supplier, but have to find a good place to stay for the last day or so.  I am vacillating between convenience and cost but hope to have it settled within a day or so.  I am meeting up with a co-worker who is already there for the audit but the rest of the week is solo for me so I am working on reservations.  I factored in some additional time into this trip on my own dime so I am planning to max out the adventure.  I've been to this town before (hint) but just didn't have the time to seriously explore to my heart's content.  This time, I added a few days to explore the area and visit with friends.  I am sure a few have already figured out to where I am headed.    


Rock Chef said...

I have a soft spot for tree rats, but I know that people who have more contact with them often have other views :-)

Do you think that Clare would kill one of she got the chance?

Abby said...

We have plenty of tree rats here! I'm actually impressed with their survival abilities. China couldn't care less about them
I have NO idea where this next trip of yours is to - you're such a frequent flyer!

agg79 said...

RC - not sure what Claire would do if she actually caught one, but I am sure it would surprise her more than the squirrel. I think it is more of the challenge of the chase over the actual capture that intrigues her.

Abby - dogs have different reactions. Shadow went absolutely insane over any squirrel that violated his yard. Claire has a quieter, more ninja-like on her approach. Grayson is pretty much "whatever" approach.

ShadowRun300 said...

I DO have an idea of where you're goin, but I'm stuck between two choices, which is good because I like to be surprised! :)
We have more rabbits than squirrels around here, and Chancie just loves to chase them and will wait patiently for hours for them to come out and play. Like Claire, I think she'd be shocked if she actually caught one.
Have a great long weekend. Again. I bet it feels great to take some time off for yourself!

meleah rebeccah said...

Oh I'm with you - I absolutely LOATHE squirrels.

They are militant mother fuckers! - excuse my language!

I hope Claire catches one, one of these days!

terri said...

We have plenty of tree rats here. I swear they make a game out of teasing the dogs and stealing all the bird seed out of the feeders. Lucy likes to "tree" them or chase 'em out of the yard. She's never caught one, but you never know. Someday maybe she will!