13 September 2013

Denied (again)

After all the road trips I've done, one might think I would be better prepared.  And one would be wrong.  I am only half packed - still trying to figure out the clothes to wear while keeping to a small carry on bag. I have several projects that I need to finish up before I wrap up at the office.  I hope to take the dogs to the dog park early tomorrow and get the yard mowed one last time.  Typical pre-road trip chaos.   

At least my agenda is locked down.  Flight plan is confirmed, hotel reservations are locked down, got cash, passport, two books for the flight.  Looking forward to exploring London for a day or so.  Already making plans on a few sites to see, tours to take.  I have an itch to ride on those touristy double decker tour buses that seem to be everywhere.  I may even see I can find the Death Ray tower.    

Since I am busy gearing up, I am taking the lazy way out and reposting an old post.  I actually posted this link (below) a little while ago but messed up - I was trying to be all techy and schedule this to post while I was up at the first football game but it wound up posting in the past. Let's see if I can do this again.  


I thought of you, ShadowRun, when I watched this.  

If that had been me, I'd be all sorts of apocalyptic.  


terri said...

Wow! He handled that well! I would have FREAKED out! I give him credit for taking it all in stride.

meleah rebeccah said...

"Typical pre-road trip chaos" - that's one of the reasons I don't really like to travel very often. The prep before and then the subsequent 'catching up' when you get back home = super overwhelming to me.

"At least my agenda is locked down." - well that's GOOD!