17 June 2013

Not exactly according to plan

Well, let's not do that again.  

Weekend started out with lots of promise.  Summer has arrived down here in full force.  Predicted to be hot & steamy with a chance of showers.  Great conditions for a run, right ShadowRun?  That was my plan.  Time once again for the Annual Father's Day 5K run downtown.  This is my yearly attempt to give myself heatstroke.  And what better way to prepare for the run than to smash your little toe stepping over a recumbent dog?  Not as spectacular as ShadowRun's road rash, but hurt like heck.  Thought I might have broken it (been there, done that) but just was bruised. 

And this little piggy went wee-wee all the way home.

Post race mingling.  

Looking for course times.
Mine was on the sheet to the right - survivors. 
Temps at race time was in the low 80's.  Lots of cloud cover, but not brutally hot like last year.  I did about as well poorly as I expected.  I haven't been running much in the last three months and I could tell.  At least I beat out little miss TuTu this year (tripped her up at the halfway point).  

Spend the rest of Saturday prepping for my long road trip coming up next week.  I fielded call from Stephen late in the afternoon.  He has just been in a accident.  Got hit while making a turn.  Rebecca was not with him at the time.  Sounded shaken up but was ok.  The family in the other car were shaken as well but no serious injury.  From his description of the scene, sounded like both cars were pretty beat up.  He went to the local doc-in-the-box and got checked out.  No damage, just sprained.  Sent him home with some muscle relaxers.  On top of that, his Camry is in the shop for a radiator problem so the they are without a set of wheels in the interim.  I tried to instill my fatherly wisdom, albeit from a distance.  Cars can be fixed/replaced, as long as he was ok, that is all that mattered.  This saga will play out for the next few weeks until they can straighten out their auto problems.  

Was attempting to have a quiet Father's Day yesterday.  Hit the dog park early in the morning before it got hot.  Pretty sparse at the park but the dogs weren't complaining.  They got lots of field time and got to play with the other mutts.  Was mowing the yard with my wife told me that Shannon (owns our storage yard) called and said several trailers had been broken into at lot and my rig was one of the ones hit.  I cannot tell you the exact words that when through my head but they weren't pretty.  Ran up to the yard to check out my trailer.  Busted a window out and opened up the door from the inside.  Ransacked the trailer looking for things they turn quickly for some cash.  The good news is that I don't keep a lot of expensive electronics in the trailer (paranoid) so the only thing they got out of my rig was an old DVD player (gift from SIL) and a broken pair of binoculars.  I think they may have gotten a voltage meter as well but I need to recheck my tool kit.  The main thing is that they pulled out everything out of the cabinets/drawers.  They did damage one drawer trying to open it - it has a road lock that keeps it from opening when travelling and they couldn't get the drawer open so they ripped the cover off.  That and the busted window were the only things damaged.  The window I can replace easily - it is hinged and I can put a new one on in under an hour.  The drawer facing is the real pain to fix.  Splintered the wood and will be hard to glue it back together.  I may have to get a new drawer (if they make those anymore).  

Spent most of the afternoon picking up glass and sealing up the window.    

The one minor consolation was that the guys (there were 6 of them) came into the yard from an adjacent field.  They cut the fence and crawled into the yard and hit about 12 rigs looking for electronics (tv's, dvd players, etc.) - things they could turn quickly for a profit.  To get to the yard, they had to cross a field/retention pond area and come through the backside where it is heavily wooded.  According to Shannon, that entire area was completely covered with Poison Ivy.  Karma.  

Not exactly how I wanted to close out the weekend.  


Rock Chef said...

Gah, that really sucks - I hate petty crime like that - so pointless.

Abby said...

Geesh, not the best weekend - what with starting with a purple toe then Stephen in a crash and lowlifes in your trailer. I hope the itchy six are feeling the karma.

ShadowRun300 said...

Yikes. Sounds like another one of those weekends where you can't wait to get back to work.
Did you run on that toe? Ouch. And yep, I can vouch for the hot, humid mornings ya'll have down there. Happy to hear you at least reached your goal of beating Little Miss Tutu.
I remember what it was like to learn that Amp was in a wreck. Scary when you think about what might have been. Glad he's okay.

meleah rebeccah said...

Ouch - that picture of your little toe looks painful!

Kudos for running and beating little miss TuTu. [insert smiley face]

Oh my - I am happy to hear Stephen was NOT injured in the car accident. That is my biggest fear now that my own son is driving.

Wait - what? Your trailer was broken into! That's terrrrrrible! UGH! I sure hope those robbers are covered with Poison Ivy from head to toe! Bastards!

terri said...

Sorry about the bruised toe. Mine pretty much looks like that on a permanent basis. I am always tripping over the dog, the cat, door frames, kitchen chairs...

Really sucks that your airstream was broken into. I'm glad they didn't get anything of any real value, but they sure left a mess for you to clean up. I hope they're itching and oozing like CRAZY right now!