02 March 2013

Chili times

Sorry for the lack of insightful comments (or meaningful comments on everyone's blogs) but the past two weeks have been wild.  Work has been uber busy (what's new?).  I spent last weekend over at the in-laws on various repair projects.  Much like others, the in-laws are in need of some of the basic repairs and I volunteered (got drafted).  I am slowly making the rounds to catch up on everyone else's posts.     

I sorta opened up Pandora's box this week by giving an inkling that we are looking for a new set of wheels and, OMG, I am now friends with half the dealers in south Texas.  It has been 13 years since we last bought a new vehicle and I am feeling a bit rusty.  Normally, I don't like dealing with car salesmen, but my role as purchasing manager has me dealing with people everyday trying to sell me something I really don't want or need.  This time is different.  I've gotten a more cynical approach.  It's my money and you need to convince me why I should give it to you.  I am heading out this afternoon to talk turkey with a dealer and may wind up with a new ride.  Nothing is set in stone, yet.    

This week at work as been very hectic.  Many deadlines, reports due.  This is our financial end of year and we are doing budgets for next year.  Despite those challenges, we had one of our fundraiser events again - the Chili Cook-off   5th year for this gig and people are going all out for chili and themes.  Everyone works to amp up the event and drum up votes for the best theme and best chili.  My group did a Gypsy Fortune teller theme and they won for best chili.  The Finance group did a "down under" Australian theme and took top prize for best decorated booth.  I really thought it should have gone to the IT group.  They did the Carnival Triumph theme complete with live preservers, captains chairs, port holes and a mocked up display of the bow of the ship as well as the flying orange "Y" smokestack (signature of the Carnival Cruise line).  What made it even more funny was the manager who was actually on the Triumph when it broke down dressed up as the the captain.  He wore his "complimentary" Carnival Bath Robe (most of the passengers were given them when they left the ship).  I talked with him at length and he indicated that it was not as apocalyptic as the media made out.  On top of the booths and chili contest, we had a jalapeno eating contest (same guy won it last year) and root beer chugging contest.  All-in-all, a pretty good time.  And they managed to raise a bit over $14k for the Epilepsy Foundation.  Not to bad.  



terri said...

I am starting to get more serious about a vehicle too. I've been online comparing models and prices. Mark warned me not to submit any of my information for a quote. He did that when shopping for his truck and said they never leave you alone after that. Think we'll just go check things out at the car show soon instead.

The Chili Cook-Off looks like SUCH fun! The cruise ship them is hysterical! They did a great job decorating their booth. Looks like it was not only a "chili" day, but a "chilly" day!

Good luck finishing up those projects. Seems like they can be never-ending between your own and the parents' stuff, doesn't it?

Abby said...

AHA, the chili cookoff - that's what I remembered raising money for epilepsy! Love the Triumph theme. Make lemonade out of those lemons!
Good luck fighting the new vehicle wars. Keep us posted!

ShadowRun300 said...

Looks like it was a great day to be eating chili. Kudos to your team for winning "best chili". Care to share the recipe?
And I have to agree the Triumph booth should have taken first place. How creative and fitting!
I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of car you end up with. I like the idea of having them convince you to turn your money over to them. Puts you in the driver's seat - heehee.
Sorry to hear you've been so busy. I can totally relate. Luckily I get to come home and sit on the couch.... not head over to my in-laws to work. Hang in there! You'll get some reprieve soon. (Won't you???)

meleah rebeccah said...

Wow, Agg. That sure is a lot on your plate. And I do NOT envy car shopping. That's just brutal.

I've been a crappy blogger lately too. I'm trying to catch up with everyone now, and HOPEFULLY I will be able to put together a new post, worthy of reading, over the weekend.