02 March 2013

Changing horses

Thanks for all the encouragement.  Negotiating for a new set of wheels is not my forte, but I had planned this strategy out in advance so the day went well.  I have been working through various dealers on the net, fielding offers, countering with updates, looking for the best deal.  I landed a deal with my local dealer that was better than any of the other offers I had from the area, so I stuck with him.  I had pretty much settled on the model and options we wanted, so I was armored up and ready to do battle.   Turned out to be fairly smooth and drama-free.  I had my facts, my financing in order, my target price, the options we wanted.  It was nice to be armed with this knowledge so that I led the negotiations.  I had offers from several other dealers so I was ready to walk away if things did not pass the smell test.  In the end, we came to a deal and I drove away with a new set of wheels.

Now, my wife doesn't really like this part of the negotiations so she leaves it up to me.  Last time I bought a new car, my son was in middle school and just starting out in scouts.  Things have changed a wee bit since back then.  

Still, it had been a long day and, at some point, my personality kicked in for a while.  After working through the logistics of the deal for some time, she texted me about how it was going.  Of course, being a real AH, sent her the following picture with the message:  

Changed my mind.  Decided to get a Mustang instead.    
Size does matter

Holy sticker shock, Batman!
I don't know if anyone can really read that sticker but it is rather pricey.  I really love my old Mustang but $65k?  Holee meirde.  That's one primo ride.  

Alas, I did not go down that path.  I chose something more "sensible".  Something more in line with our lifestyle.  Something that fits our needs for now.  Seeing how I tend to name my chariots, I haven't come up with a name for her, yet, but I am taking suggestions.  In in interim, let me give ya'll a peak at the latest addition to the fleet: 

What to name her?  Eddie?  Edna?  Edith?  Edie?  Elvis?  


Abby said...

Ooooh, I like! Very Edgy! (couldn't resist). Excellent choice from a non-bailout company.

Car purchases are always exciting. I'm sure you were meticulous with your up front work.

ShadowRun300 said...

Agg! When I saw that pic of the Mustang, I turned several shades of green. Really. I was SO jealous, that I blurted out NOOO! I'da made myself be happy for you though! :)
But yeah, Mustangs are cool to look at and fun to drive, but they're not very practical. And won't pull an Airstream. I love the look of the Edges. Sporty lookin' and useful. Congratulations on being so prepared and able to negotiate a good deal! Can't wait to hear what you name her!

terri said...

I love it! I've had my eye on the Ford Edge for a while now too, but a part of me is still leaning toward something COOL. We'll see.

Congrats on the new ride. I vote for naming her(?) him(?) Elvis.

wReggie said...

Ford is making fantastic cars now. I rented a Fusion recently and was impressed. I must trade the 2000 Ford Pickup soon and dread the whole process.

Rock Chef said...

How about Silver? As in The Lone Ranger?

Love that you sent her the photo of that Mustang...

meleah rebeccah said...

I love the new wheels! And seriously, I am super glad you did NOT go with the Mustang. While they are fun & pretty, they are not very practical!