10 September 2012

Weekend road trip

Busy weekend.  Took off Friday to get a jump on the weekend.  Took advantage the start of the fall football season and headed north for the game for a long weekend and trial run in the new rig.  As with most new toys, there is a bit of a learning curve on operations, but nothing I couldn't handle.  This is the first test run with my new trailer and it gave me a few ideas for things to add to my shopping list.  The rig is a good 5 feet longer and 1500 lbs heavier than my last one, so it handles a wee bit differently.  Overall impression, it was a great run and the trailer worked better than I expected.  Nice to have a real bed for each of us instead of a gaucho couch.  And a real adult stand up shower and holding tank to match.  The last trailer had a tiny (footlocker size) shower that would be cramped for anyone over 5' 8" and a very small holding holding tank that filled up fast.  This one is about the size of a small phone booth, but works great.  Lots of room.   

Ready to ride
On site with the new rig
Our tailgate set up
Even the dogs gave it two paws up.  They were impressed and had a blast.  A weekend outside with a whole campus full of new people to lick/suck up to.  Weather was hot (~100) on Friday but a front broke through and dropped the temps to a nice frosty 70 on Saturday night.  Almost had to put on a long-sleeved shirt.      

Watch dogs 
Hot dogs
Friday night we attended a concern that opens up the season.  Last few years they have held it in the arena but this year they decided to hold it in the football stadium.  Interesting venue, but it did work well.  Got to listen to Robert Earl Keen, one of my favorite singers and an Aggie alumni too boot.     

Robert Earl Keen

After the concert, they hold a midnight yell practice in the stadium to fire up the team/student body.  This was taken at 2300 after the concert, but by midnight all three decks were full.   


ShadowRun300 said...

I finally figured it out! All this time I've been trying to figure out why your name is Agg. I've always been a little slow to the party, but I'm not a huge college football fan either... Now, thanks to your clue, I have been google-schooled on why you are called an Aggie.
ANYway, the rig looks great! I'm happy that you've finally had a chance/excuse to use it! A real bed and a phone booth shower? That's my kind of campin'!

agg79 said...

SR300 - thanks. I've created that handle since well before there was an internet and it has stuck with me ever since.

As an old scouter, I do like the occasional backpacking, tent camping, campfires but the Airstream does offer a few nicer amenities over the tent.

Rock Chef said...

Had to laugh at the vision of you in that tiny old shower! The upgrade must be worth it for that alone!

Abby said...

You party animals! Actually looks like a great tailgate weekend. Good way to break in the new ginormous camper.

meleah rebeccah said...

Oh, my! Now that looks like a freaking blast!! Glad the nee RV provides so much room and a REAL SHOWER and a REAL BED.

And, thank goodness for these cooler temps. I am ALL FOR long sleeves and hoodies, and cozy jammies!

meleah rebeccah said...


terri said...

Sounds like the new rig is a good fit! The shower alone must make it worthwhile.