20 September 2012

Fly over

Pardon my absence.  We've been having comcast problems for a few days and been living live sans internet.  The only was I've been able to keep up is via my iPhone and that is hard to do on that tiny screen.  

Actually I have started several blog themes (running, car accidents, names, road trips) but just cannot seem to get one out of the garage.  In the meanwhile, while I am looking for my muse, I'd thought I'd share a few pictures of yesterday.  All sorts of hoopla down here yesterday.  Something about the final flight of the Space Shuttle Endeavour on its way from Florida to California.

Impressive up close

We were able to get up on the roof of our building and take some pretty amazing up close pictures as they did a couple of laps around Houston.  They even did several low lever fly overs of NASA which is essentially next door to us so we got a front row seat to the whole deal. The shuttle landed at our local air field and was stationed overnight and will be flying out this morning for another leg west.  They're supposed to fly over Austin and El Paso on its way to California.  They allowed people to come see the shuttle after it landed yesterday and the traffic/crowds in the area were insane.  The whole rig is amazing.  A massive 747 plane with another plane strapped on top.  Very impressive up close.  

This has been sort of a bittersweet event for the town.  Out of the 4 active shuttles used in the program over the past 30 years, Houston is not going to get to house any of the shuttles on display.  The sites selected were Washington (Smithsonian), Florida (KSC), California (NASA JPL), and New York (WTF?).  Houston lost out on the bidding to be a permanent home to the shuttles.  Hard to figure the logic since we've got the Johnson Space Center (JSC) and been a key part of most of the manned flights.  With the shut down of the shuttle program, a lot of people were laid off and subcontractors supporting NASA have left the area.  There is a general feeling that this was a political decision.  Lots of bitter emotion over this whole deal.  There was talk about letting the air out of the tires on the 747 just to keep it here longer... 


Rock Chef said...

That is insane that they didn't leave one in Houston. And New York gets one? Very silly, IMO.

meleah rebeccah said...

* Sorry to hear you're having internet issues. I would have FREAKED out.

* Those photos are amazeballs.

* And also, I think it's weird and sad that Huston lost out too.

Abby said...

Nice pics! I can only imagine what it's like to see for reals. Major geek out!

That's sad, though, that Houston got snubbed. And New York? The WTF museum. Sad.

Nice to hear from you, you've been missed. I don't miss having comcast as our IP.

ComcastCares1 said...

Great photos! Thanks for sharing.

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ShadowRun300 said...

I am so glad you're alright! I was getting worried with your long absence!
How wonderful that you got to see the aircraft close up and in action! It sure doesn't seem right that they wouldn't keep any of them in Houston. I like your idea of letting the air out of the tires, though!
Hope your internet is up and going again! I've been wondering how the running and the road trips are going . And what's with the "names" topic? You got some catchin' up to do!

terri said...

Very impressive photos! You had an opportunity of a lifetime there with that show and chance to see it so close up.

Doesn't seem fair that Houston doesn't get one.