12 September 2010

Temporary delays

It's been a hellofa two weeks.

Since momma is now pulling down full time duty at her parents home, I've tried to pick up the slack over here by picking up the normal chores.  I don't feel like I am helping much with her family issues, but I am trying to keep this place under control so it is one less headache to deal with.  

I did make it out to Fredericksburg for a few days.  Nice trip, but long drive.  Momma couldn't make the trek, but took both dogs.  They were properly spoiled by my parents.  Was able to tour some of the area, take in a few shows, but it was too short to enjoy. 

Was off one week and last week was a short one so I am way behind. I had four days to catch up and I go back out on the road again for another supplier audit this week. Off to SOCAL to check up on some suppliers. Not too enthusiastic on this road trip. Too much on the plate, too pissed off to enjoy it (more about that later). 


terri said...

Sounds like life is just a little too crazy right now. I hope things mellow out for you soon and maybe you can take some vacation time that you can actually enjoy.

meleah rebeccah said...

Playing catch-up with work & home is exhausting. Just try and tackle one thing at a time. And when you're feeling overwhelmed, don't forget to breathe.