01 September 2010

Slow going

So Long, Summer!  Hello Fall!
Off for the week. 

I mentioned earlier that I had a pile of vacation to burn through before the end of the year.  The company changed their policy a few years back on vacation and PTO (personal time off).  Used to be able to carry over a good portion of your vacation.  Now you can only carry over what your earn on a quarterly basis (40-50 hours).  Old policy was to pay for whatever days/time you did not use.  New policy is:  Use it or lose it.   Since I have a couple of weeks stashed up and no serious long term plans, I am taking off a week or two.  I will probably take off another week later for a road trip or some hunting.  I may even start taking off every other Friday.  It is nice to have the time off, but it seems to put me behind on my chores at the office.

This week's plans are in the toilet (literally).  There's a Airstream rally out in Fredricksburg over Labor Day we had signed up for and we were going to take the trailer up to Austin to visit with the son.  However, momma's folks are not doing well and need some help around the house.  On top of that, her sister fell last week and broke her ankle, so now there she is taking care of 3 people.  I am trying to help out by doing various clean up/repair jobs at their house to give her a break.  I am also trying to take care of the normal chores over our hacienda (shopping, cleaning, laundry) so at least she doesn't have to deal with two homesteads.  Been working through some past due chores.  Fixed a toilet, cleaned the carpets (both houses), cleaned out some drains, took dogs in for shots/checkup. new tires on the trailer  Not a real exciting vacation, but I am getting a few things done, catching up on old projects, finishing up some movies, reading a book.        


terri said...

Sometimes you just need an at-home vacation. There's something to be said for catching up on stuff around the house. That's the very reason I'm looking forward to the 3-day weekend.

meleah rebeccah said...

An at-home vacation is my FAVORITE kind of vacation!

I wonder why they changed their policy about rolling over vacation time? Oh well, I think "use it or lose it" is better anyway - this way it forces people to take breaks. And everyone needs breaks or they get too burnt out!

Abby said...

I sort of enjoy the catching-up-on-stuff vacations. Nothing says satisfaction like a working perfectly toilet.