22 April 2010

It's official

I guess we'll have to keep her now.

Claire just cleared her 2nd round of HW treatment so, according to the vet, she should be free & and clear of those nasty heartworms and able to run amok. Not that she hasn't been an angel. Throughout the treatment, we are supposed to keep her calm and sedate, to make sure there are no complications, but she has been anything but. Grayson is your typical goofy Golden Retriever. Very loveable, lanky, clumsy, always jonesing for attention, a paw-s on dog. He has his hyper moments, but I had gotten him to pretty much settle down as an indoor dog. Does not jump up on you (much) and will greet you at the door with a smile and a wag and wait for you patiently as you change work clothes before he gets attention. I love how he sits at the window when I come home waiting for me to come in.

And along comes trouble. Claire has upset the natural order around here. She is an absolute sweetheart with deep brown eyes and a constant smile on her face. She is happy to see you whatever the time of day. She hasn’t quite gotten down the “I’m leaving” thing down and will sit by the door staring at it for most of the day until you come back in. When I come home and let the two nuts out, as Grayson races around the yard, she will sit there and try to get my attention. And these two do not share the spotlight well. Whenever on dog gets attention, the second is not far behind. It is funny to see these two try to box each other out for some head scratching.

Anyway, Claire is by no means innocent. Grayson is your typical goofy Golden teenager. Claire is the more seasoned, adult mom, but she does have a bit of a wild streak in her. Whenever Grayson is running wild, Claire will sit in wait for him and, as soon as he is in range, start attacking him. He loves the attention but doesn’t quite know what to do when someone bites him back. She’ll wind him up into attack mode and then roll over and submit. As soon as he stops, she will start biting him again. What a scamp. Those two will go after each other until they both are on the floor exhausted.

We sent in our adoption papers last month and made it official. She has joined the clan. I think the two of them make a good pair. I tried to take both to the dog park last weekend as celebration, but a storm rolled in and the place got washed out. I am planning to take them to the park this weekend to allow Claire an opportunity to roam.


Abby said...

Congratulations on your new additon! HA, love the photo!

terri said...

I pretty much figured you'd end up keeping her! How could you give up such a sweet girl? Congratulations on making it official!

meleah rebeccah said...

Welcome to the family Claire! "Officially!"