14 April 2010

Busier than a one armed paper hanger

I should't complain, but been way to busy on all fronts. 

We're winding up our financial year and everyone is scrambling to get their last minute projects done so they can achieve their bonus goals.  Typical.  Happens every year  Wait until the final 2 weeks in the year to pull a rabbit out of the hat and they expect you to drop whatever you are working on to help them.  I gots my own fish to fry.  I have one major analysis to be done by next week and it will be tight to make it.  Between nonstop meetings and conference calls and supplier audits, I don't have time for any real work, just meetings to explain why we are behind.  I am headed off to Philly in two weeks for another round of audits.  At least the weather should be warmer.  I guess it beats being bored at work.  

Been trying resurect the yard over the past few weeks.  Weather has been great and I have decided this year to completely rebuild the beds.  Started last weekend with a couple of yards of mulch.  Turns out that 3 yards was not enough and will have to get another load this weekend.  I am finally replacing the bushes out front as this last winter seems to have finally taken out the remaining stragglers.  I have one lone azalea left over from a planting I did years ago, but she has been a scrawny bush and never taken off much.  I may move her to the back yard to get more sun but I doubt she'll survive the trip.  New plants?  Indian Hawthorne.  Hope they can take hold.  Dropped in 6 bushes and need to get another 6 to round out the front.  Will add some color to the front as time allows.  I will be on the road for the next 3 weekend for various events (graduation, business, hunting). 

I am taking a day off from work to head north to Dallas today for a funeral for my aunt (dad's SIL).  She was in the hospital for colon cancer and gall bladder surgery last week.  Had made it through the procedure with some difficulty but had a heart attack in recovery.  With the work schedule, I don't really have the time to make this trip but I feel I need to attend the memorial service and see the family.  Short trip, long drive.  I normally enjoy driving cross country, but not for this reason.              


meleah rebeccah said...

Im very sorry to hear about the passing of your Aunt. My condolences.

At least you are getting some good yard work done. I always feel better after connecting with nature like that. [Unless of course my allergies start acting up!]

And yes, being busy at work is better than being bored, but dont let yourself get too burnt out either!

terri said...

You've definitely got a full plate. Work sounds very frustrating when you can't actually get to the work that is bogging you down.

At least the yard project sounds fulfilling and it's sure to look good when it's completed.

I'm so sorry for the loss of your Aunt.

Abby said...

So sorry about your aunt.

I know how work business can get stressful. Hopefully you've a light at the end of the tunnel.