10 January 2015

Playing catch up

Slowly working our way back from the holidays break.  We had a good Christmas and fairly sedate New Year's.  Spent time with family, friends.  Ate too much, spend a bit more than we had planned, watched several movies and tv marathons, generally slacked off.  

A lot of different shows on this year.  I recall from a few years ago that one channel ran a James Bond Marathon on for New Year's week.  This year the BBC channel ran a Doctor Who Marathon.  Dang it.  And I had things I meant to do... 

I did manage to get back out to the annual New Year's rally with our Airstream club.  This is at a rural campground about an hour west of town.   We drove out in the pouring rain, my brother got his rig stuck (had to pull him out with my truck), the weather was wet and dreary for most of the week.  Not sure if it was because the holiday fell in the middle of the week or because of the weather but the number of attendees this year was pretty light.  My folks did not go because they are still recuperating from their wreck and have no tow vehicle.  We are not sure of their long term plans.  I spent part of the holidays with my dad and I got the general feeling that his wreck may be the writing on the wall for them.  I kinda got the general impression that they are questioning the possibility of hanging it up.  Maybe a few more local runs/rallies but they are definitely not doing any more long term road trips.  Some of their friends in the club have already retired and many of them were younger than my folks.  We'll have to see what the year brings.  

A few shots from the rally.  At least the dogs enjoyed getting out to the house for a while. It was fun and the heater worked well this year (yea!).  It wasn't as challenging or exciting as camping out in the back yard in a tent in the snow/freezing weather.    


Abby said...

Happy New Year! Glad you got in some slug time, you've been too busy lately. My grandparents-in-law hung up the road trips after an accident similar to your parents'. I've always been impressed with your parents' level of activity, but maybe it's time...
We could have used your "kids" and their fur coats at Christmas camp. China refused.

ShadowRun300 said...

Happy New Year Agg! Sounds like your holidays were pretty low key. Exactly what you needed, I think.
New Year's at the hotel didn't have the turn out we expected either. I think you're right about the timing of it. Not a bad thing, I suppose.
Hopefully your mom and dad can still enjoy a few local rallies. I'm sure it would be difficult for them to give it up completely.
And I hope 2015 is a little slower for you work-wise. Don't they know you have blog friends to keep up with?

terri said...

Your holiday break sounds like so many others - slept in, watched movies and too much t.v., lots of eating. We all tend to berate ourselves for it, but I think we need to allow ourselves to be slackers now and then. Hopefully it was enough to recharge your batteries. You've had an awful lot going on lately.

I'm sure whatever your parents decide, it will be what they feel is in their best interest.