10 August 2014

I'll take funny insults for $500

Yea, I'm still here.  Funny how I thought that July was going to be a tough pull.  Once we got past the external audit, the supplier trip up north, my dad's surgery, I figured that we could coast through August getting ready for the fall football season.  Silly rabbit.  

I am working through the weekend getting ready for another audit (more about that later) and trying to pour through resumes and interviews for new buyers (more about that later as well).  The next 2 weeks are looking to be "interesting" (if I survive).  Needless to say, my supply of scotch is woefully under stocked. 

The good news is that both my dad and SIL are doing very well.  Recovery is coming along nicely and SIL seems to be making improvements (finally).  Went across town last night for dinner with the family, check up on my dad's progress, exchange insults with brothers, swap good bull stories.  Somewhere along the line someone was complaining about something trivial annoyance and my eldest brother (always a smartass) commented that they were in need of an Optirectomy (a surgical procedure that detaches the optic nerves from the rectum so you won't have a shitty outlook on life).  Maybe it was the wine talking, but we found that hilarious.  

In the interim, I thought I would leave you with a few random goofy dog shots (doing a little spring cleaning on my iPhone).

I am so gonna urp up my dinner in your closet.  

Where's Waldo (or Grayson)? 

Attention hound

Hanging out at the local farmer's market

Interesting things to see at the farmer's market 

I am working on a video montage of Claire, but I don't have the videography skills like Mel and I am trying to find the software to patch together several iPhone videos.   


ShadowRun300 said...

Sorry to hear you're not able to coast through August after your incredibly busy July. And to think it's already August 11! Maybe September will be your month to relax?
But great news about your father and SIL! You all must be breathing a sigh of relief.
If you ever get your video montage of Claire together, I would love to see it. Unfortunately I have no advice on how to do it. What you need is your own built in IT team like I have with my kids. ;)

Abby said...

I had to blow up that one photo to find Grayson, and *poof*, there he was!
Well, you are certainly busy, I hope you get a break to be able to hit some Aggies tailgating. Love the optirectomy idea!
I'm happy to hear about your dad's and SIL's progress!

terri said...

I'm pretty sure your life doesn't have a "slow down" switch on it. I admire your ability to keep tackling the daily challenges with a sense of humor.

Love the dog pictures. Your "kids" are just the cutest things and so full of personality!

Riot Kitty said...

Scotch doesn't sound like a bad plan! I love the dog montage.

Snowbrush said...

"Just another rambling old fart with little to add"

Let me guess, your previous career was in advertising, but you didn't do so good.

BTW, I'll take insults for $5.00 just so it's in cash and paid in advance.