09 July 2013

Bad vices

OK, enough teasing.  It's always been my motto:  If you are going to travel to far off, distant places, you need to learn to enjoy some of the local flavor.  I shy away from things I can easily get over here.  

Grimbergen (my new favorite!)
Gulden Draak
More Kwak

But, every person has their vice and, of course, one should always leave room for the sweets

Bad for you

Really, really bad for you
I'll take one of those and one of those and one of those...
Hello, Baby

Trying to see if I can have one installed at our office
 My bag going home weighed at least 15 pounds more than when I flew over.  


Rock Chef said...

Those Kwok glasses are wonderful!

ShadowRun300 said...

Nice that only your bag weighed 15 pounds more coming home. ;)
I'm like you, wanting to try the food and drink native to where I'm visiting. Some of my guests tell me they like the chain restaurants better because they know what they're getting. Baffles me they don't want to try something new.
Anyway... the chocolate pics were definitely worth waiting for! Especially that chocolate fountain!
And the beer looked okay too, but that's more of my hubby's style. Me? I prefer the sweets.
Your trip sounds like it was wonderful all the way around - until you got home anyway. Are you back to feeling 100%?

Abby said...

I like your style of gustatory adventure! Personally, I'm not really into chocolate that much, but those chocolate "delis" are impressive! I think I would enjoy sipping those beers... sipping. When in Belgium.

meleah rebeccah said...

Holy moly! I am drooling over those beers and chocolates!

terri said...

Kwak? Is that the name of the glass or the beer? Very strange looking. Does the glass do something for the flavor or is it just meant to be unique?

The candies look delicious! Mmmm.