03 February 2013

Family time

Super bowl weekend.  Anyone really gearing up for it?  Honestly, if your team is not on the sidelines in New Orleans, what's the interest level?  Not really planning anything special, but I will probably watch tonight's game if only for the over hyped commercials.  But I have even seen a few of commercials on the net already.  Not even sure if we will make it back in time for kick off.  My mom is turning 90 on Monday.  My older brother (the one who lives in a yurt in Seattle) made it a point to fly back down this weekend for her birthday.  Since Monday is a school night for many, the family is planning a big birthday dinner party at an fancy Italian restaurant across town.  Everyone is going to be there.  Sons, grandsons, DILs, wives, and 2 grandkids.  Should be a fun time.  We even got the restaurant to open back up just for us (normally closed on Superbowl Sunday).  Mom is still pretty spry for a 90 year old lady.  Both her and dad are still out roaming the countryside  in their trailer.  They are even up in Montgomery today at a rally with their Airstream club.  So far, they have show little signs of slowing down and I am happy that they are as active and mobile as they are.  Stephen found this little nugget on the Internet for her birthday.  

Trailer life is for the birds
Stephen and Rebecca came home late Friday to attend the party as well.  Good to see the kids again.  We went out to Outback last night with them and her parents and afterwards we went to their home to play a board game called Acquire.  An old fashioned board game that is a cross between monopoly and risk.  You buy and sell hotels and try to make as money as you can:

  • Acquire is one of the older games to be played at ManorCon. The players form chains of hotels on the board, and then buy shares in them. As the chains expand, their value increases. Eventually takeovers start to occur, with the larger chains swallowing up the smaller ones. When this happens, the shareholders in the smaller chains are bought out, with a nice little cash bonus going to the two largest shareholders. Of course, their are new chains appearing all the time, a few of which grow to be large, but most get swallowed up by the large chains before they have a chance. Eventually the hotel market becomes saturated, at which point the players count up their money and the value of their shares, with the player with the highest value winning.

We had never played it before so it took a bit of learning but we finally got the hang of it.  We haven't done board games in a while and, despite my grumpy nature, it was kind of fun (in a geeky way), but it requires some thinking/strategy.  I think I'll stick to something simpler like Mexican train.

With all the technological devices available and video games, it is nice to sometimes go old school with the family.  


Abby said...

We do love a good game night around here too. Mexican train is always a fave. It's usually Magnum that rounds people up, but we all end up having a good time.
Love the Air Stream bird "trailer"! Great find! Happy 90th to your mom!

meleah rebeccah said...

Meleah + Sports = NO.

However, I do LOVE me some commercials. So I *might* watch the Super Bowl just for that. But probably not.

Happy 90th Birthday to your Mom!! That's wonderful. Be sure to take LOTS of pictures!

I love playing old school board games with my family. SO MUCH FUN.

terri said...

Stephen did good on Grandma's birthday present! That's so cute and unique. She's gonna love it!

Acquire sounds like too much thinking for my liking. I appreciate a good old-fashioned board game but I don't want to have to work too hard for it. We've played some fun ones in recent years - one called Pit where you shout bids and trade cards with other players to try to corner the market. It's a lively and loud game. I also love games with flexible rules that let you be creative, like The Game of Things. Dominoes, of course, are always fun.

I have little interest in the Super Bowl, but will probably have it on in the background. I want to catch a few commercials and the half-time show so I can participate in conversations around the office tomorrow.

ShadowRun300 said...

That bird house/feeder is just awesome! Perfect gift for you mom! I love that she is still so active. I hope to be that way...
Video games have definitely replaced board games in our house - but the occasional time we do get together, it is GREAT fun. You'd think we'd do it more often.
We've got the game on, and are half watching it. But yeah, when it's not YOUR team, it's not as much fun.
I love your new pic, btw. :)

Rock Chef said...

That is a great bird house!

Our favourite board games are Chinese Checkers and Backgammon. These are a standard part of our camping gear!

For something more involved I like Settlers of Catan - civilization building. Great fun.